Acne scarring

What causes acne scarring?

Scars are depressions or indentations in the skin that occur after a medical condition such as acne (or after a surgical incision).

When they are on the face or other visible areas, scars can carry the stigma of adolescent acne long after the acne is gone. (Click here for more information about acne.)

Acne scarring can occur as the skin heals from pimples, whiteheads and blackheads that form when oil, bacteria and dead cells get stuck below the skin’s surface. Acne scars are typically indented marks or raised, red areas that sometimes give the skin a wavy appearance.

They can also serve as unpleasant reminders of a past surgery. Surgical scars, meanwhile, form naturally as skin heals from an incision.

Treatments for acne scarring

We offer the following treatments for acne scarring and other types of scarring:

  • Dermapen micro-needling
  • I-pixel laser resurfacing (fractional skin resurfacing)
  • Platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP)
  • TCA CROSS skin peel.

Dermapen micro-needling is a non-surgical treatment that uses a device with tiny needles to puncture the skin. It promotes your skin’s own healing mechanisms to stimulate new collagen growth, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of scarring and fine lines.

iPixel laser treatment helps to reduces or removes the appearance of marks and blemishes such as acne and surgical scarring. It also helps to improve skin texture, tone and pore size for other conditions including pigmentation, ageing and sun damage.

Compared to older resurfacing laser technologies, iPixel is part of the new generation of non-ablative, fractional lasers that give superior results with less downtime.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a procedure for correcting a number of skin conditions – including acne scarring – by using the healing properties of a patient’s own blood.

Also known as the ‘vampire facial’, it has become popular through its promotion by celebrity figures as a less invasive alternative to laser and surgical treatments.

It is most effective when combined with other skin rejuvenation treatments, such as microneedling.

TCA CROSS is an acronym for the Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars (CROSS) using trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

The treatment is a skin peel that is most effective for deep acne scars (‘ice-pick scars’) that do not respond well to fractional laser treatments.

Best results are achieved in combination with other acne scar treatments.

For more information about treatments for acne scarring, and to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Dr MediSpa.

For more information about treatments for acne scarring, or to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Dr MediSpa.


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