Chemical skin peels

Chemical skin peels are an effective treatment for the renewal and rejuvenation of blemished, damaged or ageing skin. Peels can treat a range of skin conditions, including acne and oily skin, redness and rosacea, pigmentation and sun damage, thread veins, and fine lines and wrinkles

At Dr MediSpa, we offer skin peels from the following ranges:

  • SkinMed
  • Tebiskin Cytoceuticals and
  • EnerPeel.

*Results may vary from person to person


SkinMed was created to assist in the research, development, sale and distribution of dermatological products that are beneficial to skin health.

The company draws from the expertise from both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics world where many decades of experience allow us to bring you options that work.

Tebiskin Cytoceuticals – clinical-only range

Tebiskin Cytoceutical products contain specially-selected ingredients, in patented delivery technology, for skin preparation, enhancement, treatment and protection.

They can be used for the following conditions.

  • Acne – spots, oily skin and bacteria control.
  • Rosacea, erythema and redness – suppressing the reddening response to rosacea triggers, including post-clinical treatment redness.
  • Lines and wrinkles – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid renewal and protection.

Using these products alongside our range of chemical peels means you will get optimum results and can continue treatment from home.

The range is only available in trained clinics in the UK.

EnerPeel Technology

EnerPeel’s specialist chemical peels, made up of a patented carrier solution, restrict surface activity until the ingredients are absorbed and then released.

The carrier solution increases absorption two to three times (compared to standard equivalent chemical peels), offering the following  benefits:

  • quick and easy treatment
  • little or no downtime
  • better results
  • feeling instantly refreshed and rejuvenated
  • on-going improvements over a few weeks
  • control of skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

For more information about skin peels, or to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Dr MediSpa.

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