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Emerald Laser – Tatler


DrMediSpa: Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022


Cosmetic Trends 2022 – Telegraph


Dr Medispa RejuvHair in The Telegraph


Top Cosmetic Doctors Skincare Tips Fabric


Dr Munir Somji discusses Aesthetic Trends in Tatler


An Emerald Laser Review


Emerald Laser at DrMedispa


Dr Somji Hair Loss Comments – Independent


Emerald Laser review


Emerald laser treatment – Mail online


Emerald Laser at DrMedispa


Hyperpigmentation tips


Dr Medispa in the Mayfair Times


Retinol – Dr Somji comments


Dr Somji on “Nap Face”


MaiLi – Dr Somji on a new injectable filler


Dr Somji on Acne Scarring


No Filter Needed! says Dr Munir


Meg Mathews on Profhilo with Dr Medispa


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Tech neck – Dr Medispa comments


Men seeking hair transplants


Dr Somji on breast enhancement for The Telegraph


Facial oils – Dr Somji comments


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Dr Somji on how to dispose of makeup wipes


Dr Somji -Expert quotes in Fabulous Magazine


Dr Somji on New Procedures to Help Boost Hair Growth


Georgia Steel ClearLift treatment


Dr Somji’s at home face mask


Inmode announces new KOL


Dr Somji reveals his skincare secrets for new mums


Dr Somji answers questions about Adult Acne at Voir


Dr Somji comments on Hyperpigmentation for Vogue


Dr Somji in The Telegraph How will our beauty regimes survive the COVID shut-down?


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