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Signature Facials

Dr. Somji’s Bespoke Facials

What are they?

Dr. Munir Somji has always believed that there should not be one facial for all skin types. Even different parts of the face warrant different products and techniques. Therefore, he has designed a bespoke facial service for his patients. There are 3 main steps. The first is a skin analysis that provides information such as moisture levels, sebum levels, acne bacteria levels, wrinkle assessment and sensitivity. The bespoke facial is then constructed accordingly.

The patient can choose from a number of base steps:

  1. Skin peel base – Once a skin analysis is performed, if the patient can tolerate 1-2 days downtime a selection of acids are used in specific areas of the face. There are specific acids for redness and sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, acne prone skin and fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Aquafacial base – If the patient requires minimal downtime an aquafacial is performed. This provides a solution for acne prone, congested skin types. Unlike similar hydradermabrasion treatments available the aquafacial is the only treatment that allows deeper cleaning of pores through a choice of different chemical peels specific to the patients’ skin type. It uses a specialised vacuum tip to deeply cleanse and extract impurities. It is much gentler and effective than traditional dermabrasion and extraction techniques.
  3. Dermaplaning – This is a fantastic exfoliating treatment which can be performed with a surgical scalpel to remove the dead skin layer as well as fine hair from the face (peach fuzz). This leaves the skin smoother and also amplifies other treatments such as skin peels and further extractions. It can be performed on its own with an aloe vera and growth factor cooling mask afterwards.

With each of the base treatments there are a number of add on treatments that can be added. Base treatments can also be combined if the indication is correct.

Bespoke facials

Add on treatments:

  1. Skin peel add on – It is recommended, if downtime permits, to always have a skin peel as it changes the way that your skin works.
  2. Aquafacial add on – This is sometimes paired with a skin peel specific for acne to allow complete removal of acne bacteria.
  3. Dermaplanning add on – This is commonly paired with a skin peel to allow deeper penetration or paired with an aqua facial for ultimate cleansing of the skin.
  4. Specific mask add on – This can either be a calming aloe vera ice mask or an epidermal growth factor mask to boost collagen.
  5. LED mask – This is a wonderful way to finish your treatment which uses low level light therapy at five proven clinical wavelengths to address a number of concerns.
    1. Blue (415nm) – Destroys p acne bacteria and minimises redness and irritation.
    2. Green (520nm) – Regulates melanin production and therefore reduces pigmentation.
    3. Yellow (580nm) – Activates toxin elimination, improves decongestion and is therefore great when paired with blue light for acne prone skin. It also adds to prevent a breakout post treatment
    4. Red (630nm) – Increases collagen production and restores cell function. It is a great all round recovery mask especially after deeper skin peels.
    5. Near infrared (830nm) – This penetrates to the deepest level and has extreme anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

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