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Alma Hybrid™ laser for scar treatment

Next-generation scar removal treatment. Unrivalled skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. One of the first Alma Hybrid lasers in the UK, at DrMedispa.

If you are someone who has experienced acne in the past, you may be left with deep pitted scarring, which cannot be removed without intervention from a skin professional. You might have started noticing the signs of ageing, such as lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. Modern aesthetic technology means that in today’s world of cosmetic medicine, we don’t need to take an invasive surgical approach to skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

At Dr MediSpa we bring our patients the very best in clinical solutions, without undergoing surgery. We are one of the only two clinics who currently offer the next generation in laser treatments for skin resurfacing and are proud to introduce, Alma Hybrid™.

What is the Alma Hybrid™ laser?

Alma Hybrid™ takes an avant-garde approach to medical aesthetic dermatological treatments. Based on technology which has been specially developed by Alma Laser’s in-house research team, Alma Hybrid™ is the only device of its kind to harness 3 of the most powerful and effective technologies available today, for a completely new and innovative concept in skin rejuvenation and scare treatment.

How does the Alma Hybrid™ laser work?

The Alma Hybrid™ laser harnesses 3 powerful technologies for optimal scar treatment results:

  • CO2 laser – the most optimal blend of ablative, coagulative and thermal laser technology for precise focus and fractional therapy.
  • 1570nm laser – a powerful non-ablative laser which creates a thermal effect, promoting new dermal synthesis, whilst leaving the epidermis intact, thus minimising downtime.
  • IMPACTTM – for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED), this patented ultrasound technology creates an acoustic pressure which enables the delivery of cosmeceutical products to the skin through the micro-channels, which have been created by the CO2 laser in Alma Hybrid™.

In addition to these powerful technologies, smart software serves as a tool which enables your practitioner to create a bespoke treatment programme by setting specific parameters, depending on the individual’s skin type.

Am I suitable for a treatment with Alma Hybrid™?

Before any treatment can be carried out at Dr MediSpa, we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation, so that your practitioner can assess your specific concerns, discuss your desires for results, your budget, the downtime you can undergo as well as any medical history which might affect the possibility of having a specific treatment. Once we are satisfied that the Alma Hybrid™ will be a suitable and safe treatment for you to undergo, you can book your first treatment session.


What happens during the treatment?

Your skin will be cleansed and a topical anaesthetic may be applied to the treatment area. Once this has taken effect, your practitioner will pass the laser across the treatment area. After the treatment has finished, you can return to your daily activities as normal.

What is the downtime following an Alma Hybrid™ laser treatment?

As the technology in this laser is so advanced, the downtime is significantly reduced. However, you will likely experience some redness, potential swelling and tenderness following this treatment, which can be managed with topical applications, advised by your practitioner here at Dr MediSpa.

How many treatments will I require?

This all depends on your individual skin concerns and skin type. If you have very deep, pitted acne scars or significant ageing, a course of treatment might be needed. However, some patients see excellent results even after just one session. The number of treatments you are likely to require, will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation.

How long do results last?

For scar removal, the results are permanent and for skin ageing, significant improvements can be made permanently. However, this treatment, like any treatment will not prevent the ageing process, so it’s important to take care of your skin, eat healthily, avoid smoking and excessive sun-exposure and to protect your skin from pollution and the environmental elements, to assist with the longevity and general health of your skin.



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