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Keyhole Facelift™

The Keyhole Facelift™ represents a culmination of years of experience, expertise and technology. It is the invention of Dr. Munir Somji, one of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons. The keyhole facelift can replace the standard full face lift, MACS lift and short scar facelift and give results for the same period of time. It is a true breakthrough and can only be performed at DrMediSpa. The Keyhole Facelift™ also addresses the issue of volume loss which traditional facelifts do not.

Benefits of the Keyhole Facelift™ over traditional methods

  1. No need for stitches in 95% of cases.
  2. Performed under local anaesthetic.
  3. 1 week downtime in comparison to a number of weeks for traditional methods.
  4. A more natural lift rather than the wind swept look of traditional facelifts.
  5. No long or visible scarring.
  6. Fine lines and wrinkles are removed.
  7. Skin quality is improved.
  8. The procedure can be performed again in 5-10 years times without any more risk.

Keyhole Facelift™ from £5,200
 subject to consultation 

Frequently asked questions

What happens during a keyhole facelift?

  1. Minute incisions are made underneath the jawline and on the sides of the face. These rarely require stitches. The area is anaesthetised to make the patient comfortable.
  2. Fat and stem cells are grafted from the body to allow Dr. Somji to transplant this fat to the face as subtle long lasting filler.
  3. Through the minute incisions in the face the tissues are slowly dissected using fine probes. The skin is then tightened up to 40% with energised radiofrequency probes resulting in no need for skin excision and scars.
  4. Micro fat is injected to address volume deficits and nano fat is injected to improve skin quality. PRP and PRF are also injected to help wound healing and improve skin laxity further.
  5. Once this is finished an ablative radiofrequency microneedling treatment is performed throughout the whole face and around the eyes this improves fine lines and wrinkles which traditional facelifts do not address.

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