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Non-surgical hair restoration formulations

Dr Medispa offer hair loss serums which are prescribed and formulated in our laboratory to your exact case. Why settle for a generic medication, when one of the UKs leading hair loss experts can help?

For both men and women, hair loss can be an upsetting condition. Whether through genetics, medication, stress or illness, thinning hair is something that can affect our confidence and wellbeing. At Dr MediSpa in Loughton in Essex and Marylebone, London, we offer both surgical and non-surgical solutions to thinning hair and are now able to prescribe a range of topical serums to treat hair loss, if a surgical approach is not required.

Dr Munir Somj

Dr Munir Soimji is one of the world’s leading hair loss specialists and has researched a variety of clinically-approved serums for a range of hair loss conditions. Dr Somji has first-hand experience with hair loss, which has driven him to offer the best solutions – both non-surgical and surgical – to this harrowing condition.

To get a hair loss medication, you’ll need a consultation with Dr Somji, either in clinic or via video link. He will discuss with you, your genuine concerns about your hair loss so that he can write a prescription for the serum combination he feels will benefit your specific hair loss condition. Our laboratory will then formulate the bespoke medication formulation, tailored to your needs and dispense to you, with full instructions on how, when and how often to apply them.

What are the benefits of topical hair serums over surgical procedures?

If you are in the earlier stages of hair thinning or hair loss, surgical intervention may not yet be necessary and it might be possible to treat your hair loss condition in a more conservative way.

At Dr MediSpa we will only recommend invasive surgery when we feel it is absolutely necessary and we have investigated all other avenues. Treating hair loss with a topical formulation will also help to treat the entire scalp area and could prevent more hair loss from occurring.


Non-surgical hair restoration formulations FAQs

Why should I use a topical serum and not a shampoo?

A topical serum from Dr MediSpa is a specially formulated product for your unique and individual requirements. Shampoos may contain a small amount of hair restoring ingredients but are produced for a wider market. With a serum, you will leave the specially prescribed product on the scalp for an allotted time, meaning that the specific, tailored treatment is left to work longer than a rinse off shampoo.

Which ingredients can be included in Dr MediSpa’s topical serums and what do they do?

Finasteride (for male pattern baldness)

  • Inhibits type I 5-α reductase
  • Reduces DHT levels (a substance converted from testosterone which contributes to hair loss)
  • Inhibits miniaturisation of hair follicles in patients with AGA


  • Inhibits type I and II 5-α reductase
  • Bigger molecule, so it sits on the scalp for longer

Enhancing Ingredients


  • Improves flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles
  • Prevents conversion of testosterone to DHT (which causes male pattern hair loss)

Spironolactone / Azelaic Acid

  • Prevents DHT from binding to its receptors

Topical Hair Loss Preparations (Prescription Only)


  • Significantly increases hair density
  • Mimics prostaglandins
  • Stimulates and prolongs anagen phase


  • Significantly increases hair density
  • Prostaglandin F2 analogue
  • Stimulates and prolongs anagen phase

T Retinoin

  • Enhances the penetration of active ingredients
  • Improves scalp condition Cyproterone Acetate
  • Prevents DHT from binding to its receptors


    • Reverses miniaturisation of follicles


    • Increases follicular size and diameter + Stimulates and prolongs anagen phase

    Diphencyprone (DCP / DCPN / DPCP)

    • Sensitises scalp to combat alopecia areata + Promotes an immunological reaction


    • Prevents conversion of testosterone to

    DHT blocker

    • Testosterone and DHEA receptor blocker


    • Stimulates the hair growth in the anagen (growing) phase
  • Am I suitable for topical hair loss serums?

    During your video consultation you will be able to discuss with Dr Somji, your individual concerns, your desire for results and your medical history. The doctor will then be able to confirm if a topical serum will be safe and effective for you to use.

    When will I see results from a topical serum for hair loss?

    It’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to topical serums for hair loss. As we know, hair grows at a rate of around 1cm per month, so it could take a while for your hair follicles to become stimulated and to see significant hair growth in the areas of concern. The name of the game is to be patient and persistent and we will monitor your progress here at the clinic and keep in touch with you at regular intervals.

    How long will the results last?

    Every patient is different and the cause of hair thinning or hair loss can have an impact on how long your results last. However, many of our patients experience long-term results when using a topical hair loss serum and when used regularly and in accordance with the directions of Dr Somji, the serums can keep on working to retain and improve the condition of your hair.



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