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Hair transplant - FUE and FUSS surgery

Hair Transplants by Dr. Munir Somji

At Dr MediSpa, we understand the upsetting nature of hair loss – for both men and women.

If you are considering a remedy for the condition, whatever its cause, hair transplant surgery could be the answer.

Hair transplantation treatment takes a highly trained medical professional with meticulous skill, and Dr Somji is worldwide global trainer for hair transplants, as well as leading hair transplant surgeon worldwide.

Before, during and after the surgery, we will make sure you are taken care of in the most professional way and that your expectations of the treatment are realistic.

FUE and FUSS surgery at Dr MediSpa

Hair transplantation surgery comes in several forms and technologies, with techniques and success rates that have dramatically improved over the years. The process involves transplanting hair follicles from one part of the body to the area of the body where the hair is thinning or balding.

At our clinic at Loughton Essex, we offer two of the safest, most effective and most popular hair transplantation treatments available – follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS).

FUE – follicular unit extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery is an innovative method of hair transplantation and more advanced than previous transplant techniques.

It requires individual hair follicles to be extracted from a similar, healthy site and then transplanted to the required areas.

With minute 0.9mm scars where extraction has taken place, hair growth will camouflage any visible scars.

Before and after FUE treatment


After twelve months


Patient: Manoj, UK – 3000 follicles

FUSS – follicular unit strip surgery

With FUSS,  a strip of skin with the hair follicles is taken from a healthy and growing part of the body (usually from the back of the head, which is rarely affected by hair loss).

This strip is then dissected in to smaller ‘plugs’ and transplanted into the areas needing attention. FUSS gives natural results and as a quick procedure is considered one of the most popular hair transplantation techniques.

Both FUE and FUSS are performed under local anaesthetic, have high success rates and involve very little downtime.

FUE and FUSS can be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, chest and beard hair and even to fill scars caused by previous surgeries or accidents.

So if hair loss is affecting your daily life, your confidence and your well-being, for more and more reasons it’s worth considering hair transplant surgery as an effective solution.

Hair loss treatment results by DRMS

DRMS hair loss treatment results


(Patient results may vary. Before and After results show clients that have had multiple sessions of each treatment, and combination treatments).

Frequently asked questions – about hair loss

Hair loss for men and women

By the age of 50, half of all men will have experienced some form of hair loss.

This can start as early as age 20 and for some, it can mean a lifetime of embarrassment, emotional stress and even, in some cases,  depression.

It’s not only men however, who suffer with hair loss and for women too, the condition can be devastating. It is thought that around 50% of women over the age of 65 can experience pattern hair loss, and younger women can suffer for the same reasons as men.

Society tells us that women should have long and flowing locks to be sensual and feminine. So it’s not surprising that, if affected by this condition, a woman can lose her confidence and worry about walking out in public – even worry whether her partner will still find her attractive.

Causes of hair loss

There are several reasons for hair loss in men and women.

For men, one well-known cause is hereditary male pattern baldness.

Other causes of temporary or permanent hair loss for women as well as men include alopecia, stress, reactions to certain medication, the result of a surgical procedure and some diseases.

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition in which the body accidentally attacks itself and the hair can start to fall out in clumps. In some cases, alopecia is temporary and sufferers regain normal hair growth. In other cases, the hair is lost permanently.

Hair loss can occur, not only on the head, but in other areas such as the eyebrows, eyelashes and on parts of the body.

Frequently asked questions – about FUE

What is FUE?

FUE is a process that involves the extraction of hair follicles, using a special instrument less than 1mm in diameter, from a healthy donor area (usually from the back of the neck).

The follicles are then transplanted into the area of concern, implanted in groups of one to four hairs as this is the way hair naturally grows with the help of a powerful microscope.

The hair growth is mapped before implantation, so that the specialist knows where to angle each hair follicle for the most natural appearance.

As FUE transplantation uses your own hair, it will grow in its natural way and is permanent.

FUE hair transplantation can treat hair loss in many areas of the body, including the eyebrows and chest hair. It can also be used to treat scars caused by surgical treatments such as face lift surgery.

How does FUE work?

FUE involves removing healthy hair follicles from an area of the scalp where the hair is thicker and more plentiful. This is usually at the base of the back of the head. These hairs are then placed into the skin where the hair is thinning.

With FUE, a special ‘punch’ device extracts the follicular units, complete with all the vital glands they need to grow and thrive (see the image below).

The device separates the hair from surrounding tissues, which lessens the risk of scarring and minimises trauma.


Transplantation of each hair follicle together with its vital elements means that the hair is more likely to survive within the grafted area. This ensures better growth following transplantation, for more pleasing results.

The process uses a high-powered microscope and state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing precision and the most natural-looking results possible. It can be carried out under a local (rather than general) anaesthetic.

This means less risk and downtime compared to traditional hair transplant procedures.

Is FUE safe?

The way that the FUE device works – carefully and precisely separating the hair from the surrounding skin tissue – means that any trauma or scarring to the treatment area is minimised.

FUE also uses the safest, state-of-the-art technology, lessening the type of risks and downtime associated with traditional hair transplant procedures.

Does FUE hurt?

No, FUE does not hurt.

We use a local anaesthetic during FUE, so you should not feel any pain.

Many patients read a book, watch TV or even sleep during the treatment, and usually return to work the following day.

Will I need stitches?

The FUE procedure does not involve stitches, unlike the strip procedure for hair loss.

This makes recovery time shorter by comparison.

Will I have any scarring?

Yes there are small scars which are hardly visible to the naked eye

When will I see the results?

You will see your new hair-line immediately after the treatment, and new hair-growth in about 12 weeks.

After this time, you can decide whether to wear your style longer or shorter.

Will the results look natural?

The hair is implanted in the direction of your existing hair growth and only healthy follicles are selected.

The treated area will look more densely filled, helping to provide a more natural look.

Do I qualify for FUE treatment?

Before we make any decision about your treatment, we will complete a full examination and consultation with you, to make sure you are physically and emotionally ready for treatment.

We will need to check your full medical history, so it is important that you disclose as much information as possible when asked.

Only then will your doctor be able to advise you on the best possible treatment for your concerns.


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