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Contour Once™

Contour Once™ is an exclusive treatment invented by Dr. Munir Somji. It involves taking a mathematical approach to ageing; adding and removing volume from the face in specific locations to lift, tighten and contour the face. The beauty of Contour Once is that you can have a completely bespoke treatment. It can be surgical or non surgical, permanent or semi permanent, a treatment for patients both young and old, male or female and reduce the need or enhance the effects of makeup after the treatment. It is for these reasons that patients travel worldwide for Contour Once™ treatments.

Contour Once™ Assessment

The facial proportions are measured in your first session with Dr. Somji. Medical photographs are taken to identify asymmetries and allow Dr. Somji and his team to make a plan to enhance your aesthetic appearance. We are firmly of the belief to make yourself a better version of yourself and Contour Once allows you to be in complete control over the results you wish to achieve.

Areas to contour

As we age we lose volume from specific areas.

Forehead: a pronounced brow can often lead to drooping of the eyelids and ineffectiveness of Botox treatments. This can either be congenital ‘genetic’ or as a result of ageing. Addition of volume to this area can help lift the brow as well as reduce the reliance on botox for a smooth forehead.

Temples: hollowing of temples can once again be ‘genetic’ and results in lowering of the eyelid and a less youthful shape. Adding volume allows more contour and lift of the brow and a more front on appearance.

Cheeks: Cheeks are the most popular area to contour at our clinic. Cheeks lift and suspend the lower face and contouring of the cheeks is a highly desirable quality. With contour once you can add volume to define and/or have the impression of higher cheek bones but you can also remove volume from underneath the cheek to give a more extreme contour to the face. The results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish. The skin can also be tightened over the top to provide a lasting contour and smooth the skin. There is no other clinic worldwide that offers this specific combination of procedures with both surgical and non surgical options.

Contour once cheek

Nose: We can contour the nose for a slimmer more defined appearance. This can be achieved through adding volume to the bridge of the nose and also lifting the nasal tip if required.

Jawline: A relatively new concept within the field of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Somji was one of the first to perform jawline contouring non surgically. Volume can be added to the jawline to mask jowling and loss skin. I can also make the jawline much sharper in the side profile view. Volume can also be removed either surgically or non surgically from underneath the chin and jawline to enhance the contour and longevity of the treatment. Loose skin is also tightened to further define the jawline.

Chin: Contouring the chin is paramount in some instances for adequate facial proportion. It is the end point of the face and further defines the jawline. Volume is added to millimetre perfection in this area in a 3dimensional fashion. Commonly volume from underneath the chin is removed in conjunction with this treatment either non surgically or surgically.

Lips: Lips are contoured in a specific fashion. We take into consideration the proportions of the whole face to avoid the dreaded ‘trout pout’ and ‘duck lip’ result. The vermillion border is defined in a specific fashion to avoid a puffy upper lip. All contours of the lip are extremely crisp and volume is added subtly over a few sessions. Rarely do we need to remove fat from this area.

Eyes: Loose Eyelid skin and the shape of the brows can be contoured with a series of specific non surgical skin tightening procedures. Under eye hollows can be contoured to give more of an almond eye appearance by adding volume in this area. Puffiness can also be reduced either surgically or non surgically to give a smooth contour to the lower lid area.

Frequently asked questions

How do we add volume?

  1. Dermal filler injection: Using Dr. Somji’s trademarked technique he is able to specifically place hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to contour the face to perfection. This is performed through his sculpting cannula technique. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler contouring lasts 9-12 months. It is not permanent and fully reversible.
    DOWNTIME: 24-48 hours.
  2. Longer lasting filler injection: These are specific fillers which can be injected in a similar fashion to last for 1-4 years depending on patient preference. They are not immediately reversible but are not permanent fillers and break down naturally over time. We recommend this is patients wishing to have a longer lasting result.
    DOWNTIME: 24-48 hours
  3. Fat fillers (Lipofilling): For those patients wishing to have a longer lasting natural option fat can be removed in a stitch free atraumatic fashion in less than 30 minutes. Dr. Somji uses specific methods to purify your fat for injection into the face. Fat can last for more than 3 years to indefinitely in some individuals. Fat also contains a number of stem cells which can be injected at the same time for increased skin quality during the procedure also. To read more about please read our dedicated page…LINK.
  4. Definition with threads: Dr. Somji has trained in South Korea to master the art of thread lifting with PDO and PLLA threads (see Link). Threads can be placed in the nose to add a crisp definition to the nose without making the nose look larger as well lifting the nasal tip. Dr. Somji was also the first surgeon to add threads into the vermillion border in the lip to enhance the Cupid’s bow as well as provide a natural contour to the lip.
    DOWNTIME – 48-72HOURS.

How do we remove volume?

  1. Non surgical liposuction: This can be achieved through using the only FDA approved machine for facial fat reduction, the Accent Prime. This involves using patented selective fat resonance technology to specifically destroy fat in certain areas. 2-8 sessions are required depending upon the amount of fat to be removed. Fat removal is permanent when using this method. The skin is then tightened immediately after using hot and cold radiofrequency.
  2. Surgical liposuction of the face: Dr. Somji is one of the few surgeons in the world to perform key hole facelifts see LINK. This procedure can be adapted into performing only facial liposuction without the need for stitches or a visible scar. Facial fat can be removed form the lower cheek area and from underneath the chin in a matter of an hour under local anaesthetic. The skin can also be tightened up to 40% at the same time using surgical radio frequency which gives long lasting skin tightening for up to 5 years see link to FACETITE.

Treatment Prices

Prices are specific to each area and are based upon the combination of treatments you are having performed. Please contact us or more pricing.

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