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Silhouette Soft®

We all know facial and skin ageing isn’t fun. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, causing features such as jowls, sagging cheeks and loose skin around the chin and the neck area (often referred to as a ‘turkey neck’). The havoc that ageing causes is largely due to the gradual depletion of naturally occurring substances within the skin and body such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In youth, these substances are present in abundance and are the components of plump, smooth and hydrated skin.

At Dr MediSpa in Chiltern Street, London and Loughton in Essex, we know that our patients want to look their very best for life, but want to stay looking natural and healthy as opposed to ‘over-done’. This is why we have researched and chosen the most effective and safe facial and body procedures to offer our patients at our 2 clinics.

One such treatment to lift, tone and tighten the skin as well as improve skin laxity and elasticity is called Silhouette Soft® thread-lifting and it’s a popular procedure for those who would prefer to steer clear of the surgeon’s knife or injectable treatments.

Silhouette Soft® thread lifting is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment which addresses two of the primary facial ageing concerns – sagging skin and advanced lines and wrinkles.

Silhouette Soft® uses bio-absorbable threads which are inserted under the skin to lift and restore the facial contours.

Silhouette Soft® enables both men and women to experience a tighter, lifted and smoother skin appearance and can be used virtually anywhere on the face and body. The efficacy of this treatment mostly relies on bi-directional, absorbable thread cones, which have been used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries for many years.

Silhouette Soft® is the only product on the market that offers two effects during treatment; an instant and ongoing lifting effect and a prolonged regenerative effect for progressive and natural looking results, due to the production of collagen and elastin over time, deep within the dermis.

Silhouette Soft FAQs

How does Silhouette Soft® thread-lifting work?

The principal component of Silhouette Soft® is polylactic acid (PLA). This is a polymer which is used in sutures. PLA is particularly biocompatible with human tissue and is also completely biodegradable, so dissolves over time. When the suture is applied under the skin, the polylactic acid acts within the deeper layers of the skin and helps increase volume and elasticity; restoring shapeliness to the face gradually and naturally over time. This process also encourages collagen production, resulting in a firmer and resilient skin tone.

Am I suitable for Silhouette Soft®?

If you are in your late 30s to early 50s and are experiencing moderate to advanced skin ageing, Silhouette Soft® will most-likely be suitable for you. However, Prior to any treatment taking place, one of our 3 specialist doctors will conduct a no obligation consultation, to discuss your unique requirements, check your medical history and to decide whether Silhouette Soft® will be the most appropriate treatment for you. If you are over the age of 55 and have more extreme skin ageing, an alternative option, such as a keyhole facelift may be discussed as a more appropriate solution.

What happens during a Silhouette Soft® treatment?

Prior to treatment, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area to be treated. This will take around 30 to 40 minutes to take effect and will help ease any discomfort. The doctor will then insert the Silhouette Soft® sutures under the skin to a depth of around 3 to 5 millimetres. No incisions or skin cutting is required, as the needle used to insert the suture is extremely fine. The absorbable, bi-directional cones help to hold the suture in place. Once they are happy with the position of the suture, the doctor will gently compress the skin to shape it in to place and to obtain the desired lifting effect. The ends of the sutures are then cut off and discarded. One or more sutures may then be applied, depending on your individual case and requirements.

How long does a Silhouette Soft® procedure take?

The procedure takes around 30 minutes, depending on how many areas are treated in one session. This does not include numbing time.

When will I see the results from a Silhouette Soft® treatment?

Some lifting and tightening results can be seen straight away, due to the mechanical pulling effect of the threads. However, optimum results can be seen after around 3 months and can last for up to 2 years, making this treatment extremely cost effective and convenient for those patients who lead busy lives and can’t make regular visits to the clinic.

Is there any downtime with Silhouette Soft®?

After your treatment, you might wish to spend a couple of days at home resting, depending on how you feel, as some bruising and swelling may occur, which is quite normal. Your doctor will advise you on suitable and appropriate aftercare, in your pre-treatment consultation, so you can plan when to have the treatment and how much time you might need to take off work.

Silhouette Soft® thread-lifting can be highly-effective as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with wrinkle-smoothing injections and injectable dermal fillers, providing a fully-holistic approach to restoring a youthful appearance and improved skin quality.


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