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Scalp Micropigmentation

Renowned for our range of hair-loss treatments, DrMediSpa clinics offer Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to disguise hair loss and restore confidence.

Male and female pattern baldness is a common condition which can start to affect people in their teens and twenties. However, it’s usually men who experience hair loss at an early age and in women, the problem can arise later in life.

Hair loss can occur for several reasons. It can be simply a genetic disposition, a surgical trauma or accident which triggers hair loss, certain medications, alopecia (a condition where the hair can fall out in clumps) or stress and anxiety. When people start to lose their hair, it can be an extremely upsetting and worrying time and many simply do not know where to turn.

The development of highly-effective surgical and non-surgical treatments have made treating pattern hair loss more effective and attainable, but what happens if one doesn’t wish to have an invasive surgery, or hair thinning is present but not serious enough for a surgical treatment and a disguise method is more suitable?

Scalp micro-pigmentation tattooing is a cosmetic procedure which masks the appearance of hair loss. It’s an extremely popular option for those who would prefer a non-invasive, ‘disguising’ method, as opposed to surgery and is available as one of our many treatments for hair loss and hair thinning, here at DrMediSpa, Essex and London. The procedure involves small amounts of a specific skin pigment being implanted in to the dermal layer of the scalp. Micro-pigmentation can imitate the look of hair strokes, replicate a shaved look for men or give the appearance of thicker hair, for women. The coloured pigment that we use, here at DrMediSpa is hypo-allergenic, non-reactive and made from natural iron oxide, so it is safe to use for this procedure with little to no side-effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for scalp micro-pigmentation?

Anyone who is looking to give the impression of a shaved head with a more prominent hair line or is seeking help to give a thicker look to thinning hair may benefit from scalp micro-pigmentation. However, before any treatment can commence, here at DrMediSpa, we will ask that you attend a no obligation, initial consultation with our highly-trained aesthetic professional. In this consultation, you will be able to explain your expectations for results and what truly bothers you about your hair loss. We will also check your medical history to ensure that you are fit and well enough to have a scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. Remember, scalp micro-pigmentation will not treat your hair loss but it will disguise it. You may be able to have this treatment in conjunction with hair restoration therapies, so this can be something you can discuss, during the initial consultation.

Do I have to shave my head to have scalp micro-pigmentation?

No, the aesthetic professional will be able to work around your existing hair growth. In fact, this actually aids a more natural look, as the practitioner can see the colour of your natural hair and which pigment will best suit your hair colour.

What happens during a scalp micro-pigmentation treatment?

Before the pigment is applied, your practitioner will draw on the hairline as a guide (for men who wish for a shaved head look). Once you are happy with this hairline, your practitioner will apply small dots of ink, sporadically to your scalp, to hive a natural look. The colour of the ink which is used will match as close as possible to your current hair follicles and a natural and soft gradient will be used. Scalp micro-pigmentation can cover up any unsightly scars, however these scars need to be healed fully, before this procedure can take place.

Does scalp micro-pigmentation hurt?

As with any non-surgical treatment which uses needles or pin-like devices, there will be some sensation with scalp-pigmentation and this can be slightly irritating, but not too painful.

How long does scalp micro-pigmentation take?

The treatment can take between 4 and 5 hours, depending on your individual requirements. The treatment is usually done in one session in one day.

How many treatments will I need?

Initially, you should only require one session with micro-pigmentation. However, in your initial pre-treatment consultation and after your treatment session, your aesthetic therapist will advise if they think that you may need a top up session, and when.

How long will the results last from scalp micro-pigmentation?

Typically, the results should last between 8 and 10 years, as the pigment that we use at DrMediSpa is of the highest quality and longevity. You may need to have ‘top up’ treatments during this time, if you experience further hair loss, or to maintain a natural match to your existing hair colour.



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