Medical grade skincare

What is medical-grade skincare?

Medical-grade skincare is the term for specific products that are made to a higher standard than over-the-counter products. They are specially formulated to provide benefits that are both aesthetic and medicinal.

They are ‘cosmeceuticals’ – a blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – because their active ingredients have been clinically proven to have a positive effect on skin.

Over-the-counter products do not have the same biological effect as cosmeceuticals, because they are unable to penetrate the upper layers of skin in the same way.

*Results may vary from person to person

The advantages of medical-grade skincare

Medical-grade skincare that penetrates the skin more efficiently can also prove to be better value, since you may need to use less of the product to achieve improved results.

Medical-grade skincare products should only be provided by a qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioner, following a thorough consultation and assessment.

At Dr MediSpa, the skincare products we use for acne treatments are the iS Clinical, Obagi and Tebiskin ranges.

iS Clinical

The iS Clinical range of skincare includes products for acne that are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients. They help to clear the complexion, encourage exfoliation and address the underlying causes of inflammation and infection.

iS Cleansing Complex removes deep debris and opens clogged pores. It gently resurfaces your skin while removing blackheads and whiteheads without irritation.

iS Active Serum helps to reduce the discoloration associated with acne, leading to clearer skin tone and a more even complexion.

iS Hydra-Cool Serum soothes inflamed skin, reducing irritation and improving hydration without clogging pores.

iS Eclipse SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Crème is a unique fusion of sunscreens with pure vitamin E, ideal for daily use and outdoor activities. It is water-resistant, absorbs quickly for a non-greasy matte finish, and gives broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Obagi skincare

Obagi products are formulated to balance the skin’s PH level and restore healthy cellular function.

The Obagi range offers a wide range of rejuvenating and anti-ageing benefits for every skin type and age, including helping to:

  • reduce or remove the signs of acne
  • reduce pore size
  • clear congestion and
  • prevent future breakouts.

Their powerful condition-specific products and systems also gently but effectively treat other common skin conditions, such as:

  • fine lines wrinkles and pores
  • age spots
  • sun damage
  • irregular skin tone or hyperpigmentation
  • redness and rosacea
  • skin laxity.

Tebiskin skincare

Tebiskin LC (Lightening Cream) is a safe alternative to hydroquinone-based products that is highly effective at reducing the hyperpigmentation that leads to age spots.

Using the cream over a number of weeks allows the natural ingredients to build up in the skin, leading to a normalisation in melanin levels.

Older, darker skin cells are replaced by new, lighter skin cells through natural shedding – which can be further improved using a mild exfoliant.

Tebiskin LC avoids the risks associated with hydroquinone, using instead a combination of other ingredients that do not damage the pigment-producing melanocyte cells or release potential carcinogens.

For more information about medical-grade skincare, and to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Dr MediSpa.

*Results may vary from person to person