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EnerPeel treatments play a huge role in keeping our patients’ skin looking its absolute best. We have peels to suit all skin types, and can tailor each peel to your individual skin concerns.

Our skin can go through so much in our lifetime and as we age, simply cleansing, toning and moisturising may not be enough to keep it looking at its very best. At Dr Medispa in London and Essex, we believe in taking a fully holistic approach to anti-ageing and skin health in general. This means treating the various layers of skin tissues of the face with a range of innovative, non-surgical and non-invasive procedures.

Peels can be an integral part of your regular skin regime, to re-surface, restore and rejuvenate the skin. Not only do they remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris from its surface, but they can also play an important role in underlying cellular repair and regeneration. Therefore, giving both immediate and more long term results.

We are delighted to offer EnerPeel® as one of our primary ranges of medical peels for skin regeneration and remodelling, here at Dr Medispa. EnerPeel® is different from many standard skin peels, as its clever patented ingredient allows greater absorption of the peel, whilst reducing skin surface redness and peeling by up to 50 percent, thus offering minimal downtime and superlative results. EnerPeel® should only be administered by a fully-trained specialist and is available at all our Dr Medispa clinics.

What is EnerPeel®?

Enerpeel® comes in several formats and therefore can be tailored to your specific skin requirements. In a no obligation consultation and skin analysis, we will discuss with you, your skin concerns, medical history and desires for results. We can then formulate a bespoke Enerpeel® system, for the most beautiful results.

EnerPeel® consists of the following formulations:

Mandelic Acid (MA)

EnerPeel® MA exfoliates the skin, but with minimal or no erythema (redness of the skin). The peel can be left on for between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on your specific requirements and what your Dr Medispa practitioner recommends. It is then neutralised. However, for a greater remodelling impact, we leave it on your skin and send you home with a neutralizer wipe to use, in the evening.

What can Enerpeel® MA treat?

Treatment indications include

• Erythematic telangiectatic rosacea
• Darker skin types
• Anti-ageing
• Skin remodelling and revitalisation
• Inflammatory pigmentation
• Hormonal, sun and age related pigmentations in at risk clients

EnerPeel® Salicylic Acid (SA)

This peel is designed for the treatment of acne and contains active ingredients from Tebiskin® OSK skin creams to deliver high doses of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and sebum and cell turnover slowing ingredients to the pilosebaceous duct. This, combines with salicylic acid reduces oil production, exfoliates the skin and allows access to the duct opening. This peel is also great for controlling the inflammatory phase of papules and pustules and can be used on the back and chest, as well as on the face and neck.

What can EnerPeel® SA treat?

Treatment indications include:-

• Inflamed skin
• Active acne
• Oily and congested skin on the face, neck, back and chest
• Uneven skin texture
• Blocked or enlarged pores

EnerPeel® Pyruvic Acid (PA)

This gentle but highly-effective, medical-grade, anti-ageing peel is the next most active acid peel to a TCA peel, but with a much greater safety profile. It can address multiple signs of ageing, including pigmentation and open pores. EnerPeel® PA is a keto acid, which means it has a sebum-slowing effect like salicylic and beta hydroxyl acids, but penetrates much deeper. A PA peel can be very effective at treating post-acne damage and oiliness, after an initial SA peel.

What can an EnerPeel® PA peel treat?

Treatment indications include:-

• Excess oil (Seborrhoea)
• Photo-ageing (sun-damage) on the neck, décolleté and cleavage Lines
• Sagging, lax skin
• Actinic keratosis
• Stretch marks (red)
• Open pores
• The PA peel can also be used as an alternative to the EnerPeel® SA peel if you are allergic to aspirin.

EnerPeel® Eyes and Lips (EL)

The EnerPeel® EL peel is specifically designed for the eyes and lips. This utilises the powerful ingredients of a TCA peel (which would usually be too strong for these areas) but with a uniquely engineered gel-peel formulation, layered on to the areas of concern. Each layer increases in strength, which allows our practitioners to tailor your treatment accordingly. This peel is particularly effective for dark eye circles, smoker’s lines above the lips and fine lines in delicate facial areas.

What can an EnerPeel® EL peel treat?

Treatment indications include:-

• Photo-ageing of eye and lip areas
• Anti-ageing of eye and lip areas
• Lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips
• Under eye bags and dark circles
• Crow’s feet
• Pout / smoker’s lines
• Un-even skin tone & pigmentation around the eyes and lips

EnerPeel® Jessner’s (JR) peel

This peel is a true all-rounder and contains a cocktail of 3 acids; 15% salicylic acid, 20% lactic acid, 14% resorcinol. Lactic acid and resorcinol are extremely effective in the treatment of hormonal, age and sun related hyperpigmentation.

How does it work?
The Resorcinol in the EnerPeel® JR peel works to interrupt the process of pigment formation of the skin, by ‘attracting’ the enzyme tyrosinase and preventing it from converting into melanin. The lactic acid slows down the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme, thus assisting with the pigment reduction as well as exfoliation; helping remove existing pigmentation. The salicylic acid present within the EnerPeel® JR peel penetrates and removes excess oil which in-turn increases the penetration for the other two substances. The EnerPeel® JR peel is normally applied for up to 5 minutes. It is not neutralised, but removed with a wipe or using water dampened cotton pads after the development time has passed. This means that whilst the salicylic acid deactivates itself, the other two ingredients on the skin will continue to fade pigmentation.

What does the EnerPeel® JR peel treat?

Treatment indications include:

• Actinic keratosis
• Melasma
• Lentigo
• Non inflammatory hyperpigmentation
• Photo-ageing (sun spots, dehydration, lines, wrinkles, freckles)

EnerPeel® TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) peel

This peel contains 25% TCA and is a medium to deep skin remodelling peel. This peel is delivered with a special EnerPeel® carrier solution and is taken deep in to the skin, before being released. This ensures an increase in the dermal effect on promoting maximum fibre development within the deeper skin layers, whilst also stimulating old fibre matrix degradation. This means that the fibres that cause lines and wrinkles are replaced by a more supple, mobile and fluid collagen-elastin matrix. The result is visibly flatter and smoother skin. Epidermal trauma and redness is also better controlled by reducing the TCA’s activity on the surface of the skin, thus less downtime and side-effects.

What can the EnerPeel® TCA peel treat?

Treatment indications include:-

• Photo-ageing (sun-damage)
• Ice pick acne scars
• Other scars
• Lines and wrinkles – signs of premature ageing
• Open pores

Frequently asked questions about EnerPeel®

Am I suitable for an EnerPeel® at Dr MediSpa

With a vast range of peels to choose from, there should be an EnerPeel® to suit your unique skin type and concerns. However, before we can treat you, we will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation and skin analysis. At this initial meeting, we will discuss your skin concerns, examine your complexion and check your medical history to ensure that there are no contraindications which could restrict or prevent treatment. One we are happy that an EnerPeel® will be suitable and effective for you, we can create your tailored treatment plan.

How long will the results last?

The results from an EnerPeel® vary, depending on your skin type, concern and the peel chosen. Longevity of results will be discussed in your initial consultation, here at Dr Medispa.



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