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Non-surgical body sculpting is hugely popular in the UK, to reduce and remove areas of stubborn fat and to create a more svelte-looking physique.

Non-surgical body sculpting is hugely popular in the UK, to reduce and remove areas of stubborn fat and to create a more svelte-looking physique. However, until now, these device-led treatments have primarily worked to tighten the skin and reduce fatty tissue, by either heating or by using cryotherapy (cooling). Neither have affected or increased muscle mass, until now.

At Dr MediSpa in London and Essex, we offer the world’s first clinically-proven, highly-effective and safe treatment to combine fat reduction with the technology to increase muscle mass and definition for stubborn areas such as the tummy, hips and buttocks. This treatment is called EMSCULPT®. Dr MediSpa has the most up-to-date and revolutionary version of EMSCULPT®, which utilises additional Radiofrequency (RF) therapy – EMSCULPT® NEO, making us one of the first clinics in the UK to be offering this innovative, tried and tested technology.


EMSCULPT® NEO utilises High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM®) which induces supramaximal muscle contractions, not achievable through voluntary contractions alone (when working out in the gym). When exposed to these contractions, your muscle tissues have to adapt and respond with deep remodelling of their inner structure which, in turn results in muscle building as well as fat burning. With addition of RF heat energy, to help tighten skin tissues and burn stubborn fat, EMSCUPT® NEO will help your muscles to achieve their full potential, whereas during a gym workout, only 40% potential can be achieved. All in a 30 minute, non-invasive, pain-free treatment.

Just one 30 minute EMSCULPT® treatment is the equivalent of performing 20,000 sit ups. Even if you are someone who eats a healthy diet and likes to work out, EMSCULPT® NEO will help you to define and sculpt areas of your body such as your abdomen, buttocks or legs.


Although both EMSCULPT® and EMSCULPT® NEO are both devices which utilise the very best in revolutionary technology for fat loss and muscle building, the additional RF technology in the EMSCULPT® NEO not only speeds up the fat burning process, but also offers better results when it comes to toning and skin tightening. This is why we have chosen to go the extra mile, and to bring you the ultimate device for faster and more effective, clinically-proven results.

The reduction of visceral fat

Where some fat dissolving programmes will only focus on the stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat (surface level fat), EMSCULPT® and EMSCULPT® NEO are the only FDA-approved body sculpting devices which have been proven to reduce intra-abdominal, visceral fat. This fat cannot be reached by liposuction, Vaser, cooling techniques or subdermal heating and surrounds internal organs. This is the fat that can cause severe health issues if it is in excessive amounts. With EMSCULPT® NEO, you can not only reach the subcutaneous fat which can be seen as ‘pouches’ on the hips, thighs and stomach, but can reach the deeper fat, hidden within the body. This makes this treatment one of a kind and the first in the world.

Before and after EMSCULPT® NEO

before and after Elmsculpt NEO


Elmsculpt NEO for abdomen

Elmsculpt NEO for abdomen



Frequently Asked Questions about EMSCULPT NEO

Which areas can I treat with EMSCULPT® NEO?

Treatment areas for the reduction of fat and the increase in muscle mass include:

• Six pack
• Thigh gap treatment
• Biceps
• Triceps
• Quads
• Calves
• Buttocks
• Back fat
• Belly rolls

Patients can have up to 3 areas treated, per appointment and each treatment is the equivalent of 18 months’ work in the gym!

Can the EMSCULPT® NEO give me a non-surgical bum lift?

The answer to this is “yes!”. Due to the muscle building and fat reduction technology that EMSCULPT® NEO offers, you can lift and tone your butt as well as increase muscle mass, for a more pert, rounded and toned appearance, without extreme dieting or doing thousands of squats in the gym.

I am over 50 and my muscles are deteriorating. Will EMSCULPT® NEO help?

As we get older, our muscles begin to deteriorate. Over the age of 50, no amount of reasonable gym exercise is going to be enough to completely restore these muscles. We need muscle tone to protect our bones and in older age, those with poor muscle density can find that they can put on weight more easily, become weaker and can succumb to osteoporosis. The EMSCULPT® NEO can help to significantly increase muscle mass and tone, not only for cosmetic reasons but for our health. A strong and fit body can help to ward off age-related illnesses and bodily issues, ultimately extending our life span.

Posture correction treatment with EMSCULPT® NEO

As we all know, having strong, toned muscles can help with our posture. Poor posture can cause all sorts of issues, from back pain to digestive problems, so maintaining a good posture by keeping our muscles in tip top condition, could have significant health benefits. As the EMSCULPT® NEO offers up to a 25% increase in muscle mass, tones the body and reduces fat, this can help you to regain lost muscle tone and improve your posture, thus reducing back and neck pain and the other health conditions, associated with poor posture as we age.

Injury rehabilitation and muscle imbalance treatment with EMSCULPT® NEO

If you have experienced an injury where you have had a long period of recovery, you will know that muscle mass can decrease rapidly and can leave you with an imbalance, not only with the limb or limbs that were affected, but throughout the body. Those who have experienced an injury through an accident (sports, skiing or collision injury) or those who have experienced muscle wastage through illness, can benefit significantly from a course of treatment with EMSCULPT® NEO. Your practitioner will undertake a full medical examination and consultation with you, before your course takes place, so that a bespoke treatment plan can be executed. Although we do not recommend giving up your usual physiotherapy, prescribed by your doctor or healthcare professional, we can state that EMSCULPT® NEO could significantly speed recovery and build muscle mass faster and more effectively than any workout or strengthening exercise you undertake, which uses your own body weight only.

What happens during an EMSCULPT® NEO treatment?

An EMSCULPT® NEO treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete. No preparation is needed and you can simply lie back and relax, whilst your practitioner applies the treatment to the target areas. You might feel a sensation of warmth and muscle contractions, however, many of our patients comment that this is totally tolerable. After the treatment, the fat cells are flushed out of the body, over time.

Does EMSCULPT® NEO hurt?

This treatment is not painful and many patients report that it feels like an intensive workout.

How many treatments will I need?

A course of around 4 EMSCULPT® NEO sessions is usually required to achieve the best results, though some patients can see a difference after just one session. Your tailored treatment plan will be discussed with you in a no obligation consultation, prior to the course which is recommended and will best suit your individual requirements.

Is there any downtime after an EMSCULPT® NEO treatment?

There is no clinical downtime with EMSCULPT® NEO, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment session. You will most likely begin to feel initial results immediately after your treatment and positive results are usually seen, between 2 to 4 weeks after your final session. The results will continue to improve for several weeks following your course of treatments.

Emsculpt Neo Edge applicator

Introducing the EMSCULPT NEO Edge applicator – a sleekly designed added extra for the EMSCULPT NEO body sculpting and muscle building device from BTL Aesthetics. This applicator is specifically developed for more curved areas of the body, such as the lateral abdomen. It utilises the same radiofrequency (RF) and HIFEMTM technology to simultaneously reduce fatty deposits and increase muscle density and tone in the lateral abdominal region. This new device extension tones the oblique muscles, offering a significant improvement in posture, core and back discomfort.

Am I suitable for EMSCULPT NEO Edge?

As with any non-surgical facial or body contouring treatment, here at Dr Medispa, we want to ensure that it will not only benefit you and significantly improve the way you look and feel, but is a safe treatment for you to undergo. This is why we ask all our patients to attend a no obligation consultation, examination and medical history check. If you are noticing that you are unable to reduce areas such as a muffin top or lower abdomen bulge, the EMSCULPT NEO Edge could be just what you are seeking.

What makes EMSCULPT NEO Edge applicators different from the standard EMSCULPT NEO applicators?

The updated, slim design of the EMSCULPT NEO Edge applicator makes it more possible to better contour the body’s curves, such as love handles, inner thighs and the back. Whilst the original EMSCULPT NEO applicators can contour the body for most patients, some patients may find that they need something extra. We are able to target areas of the body with more intensive curvature more effectively with the new, ergonomically-designed EMSCULPT NEO Edge.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Which areas can the EMSULPT NEO Edge applicators treat?

• Inner and outer thighs
• Back
• Love handles (flanks)
• Muffin tops

How many treatments will I need with the EMSCULPT NEO Edge applicators before I see results?

A typical course of treatment will consist of 4 x 30-minute sessions, one week apart. You should begin to see some results after your initial treatment, and further improvement will be seen with subsequent treatments. Most patients will see optimum results after 4 treatment sessions, usually at around 12 weeks from the final session.

Do the EMSCULPT NEO Edge applicators hurt?

The EMSCULPT NEO Edge is not painful at all. In fact, many of our patients describe the treatment as a pleasant experience. You may feel some tightness but this is the full extent of the sensation you will feel, during the treatment. The sensation of the EMSCULPT NEO Edge is similar to a sequence of intense muscular contractions, accompanied by warmth of the heating pad. This is by no means painful or even uncomfortable. Thinner patients however, may feel the EMSCULPT NEO more, and therefore less energy may be used. It can feel a little odd at first, as your muscles involuntarily contract, but once you get in to the rhythm of the contractions, it is very easy to tolerate them.



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