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Most of us are leading hectic and busy lives, perhaps not eating as well as we should be and burning the candle at both ends. Demanding careers, a hectic family life and the occasional heavy night out can all take their toll on both our health and appearance. At Dr MediSpa we offer bespoke, tailor-made vitamin IV drips to boost immunity, offer anti-ageing benefits for skin and hair and increase vitality, so you can stay in tip-top condition all-year-round.

What are vitamin drips?

Vitamin drips are substances which are delivered via an IV directly into the blood stream. The process is very similar to receiving a rehydration or medication drip in hospital, but in the case of vitamin drips here at Dr MediSpa, we specifically design a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and beneficial trace elements to suit the specific and individual needs of every single of our patients. Vitamin drips can help to boost the immune system, improve the condition of the skin and hair and increase energy levels. They can even offer a hangover cure after a heavy night out!

How do I know I am suitable for vitamin drips?

Most people can benefit from vitamin drips in some way, whether it’s to boost immunity, ward off infection, get a more youthful and glowing complexion or to increase their feelings of vitality and wellbeing. However, prior to any vitamin drip treatment here at Dr MediSpa, you will be invited to a no-obligation consultation with one of our doctors, so that they can assess your requirements, general health and check your medical history.

Our doctors can also offer a blood test which will show up any deficiencies and measure the levels of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This means that he will be able to instruct our pharmacy on the exact formulation that will benefit your individual needs.

Frequently asked questions about vitamin drips

What happens during a vitamin drip treatment?

During the vitamin IV treatment, a small needle, attached to the IV drip, put into a vein in your arm. Over the course of 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the infusion used, the vitamin drip will be administered directly into your bloodstream. As the treatment continues to be administered, you are fully awake and can relax, read a book or check your emails. There is no anaesthetic required for this treatment. After the treatment you can get on with your daily activities, with no downtime or side-effects.

When will I see or feel the results?

You may start to feel the positive effects of your vitamin drips during your therapy and results can last up to a month. For longer term skin and hair health benefits, Dr Somji will advise a course of treatments, initially a week apart and then ‘top ups’ once a month.

How safe are vitamin IV drips?

All our vitamin drips are GMO, Gluten, Hexane, Sugar, Heavy Metal free and vegan friendly and are formulated exclusively for Dr Medispa, to the purest specifications. They are made in the UK and have been proven for safety and efficacy.
If you want to super-charge your nutrition and give yourself that immunity boost to keep you in optimum health, a bespoke vitamin drip from Dr MediSpa could be just what the doctor ordered.

Can vitamin drips be combined with other treatments?

Vitamin drips will not interfere with other aesthetic and non-surgical treatments and can even help with results and speed up any healing time.

Dr Somji recommends combining vitamin drips with BioMat. BioMat is a device-led treatment which emits far-infrared rays from amethyst. This encourages your body to secret heat shock protein (HSP), which strengthens your immune system. HSP increases the production of endorphins, Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells), T Cells and lymphocytes to boost immunity, reduce fatigue and relieve pain. Dr Somji himself uses this treatment on a daily basis.

Where do your doctors perform vitamin drips?

Vitamin IV drips are performed in our CQC-regulated clinics in Marylebone, London and in Loughton in Essex. We are dedicated to patient safety, and IV infusions must always be performed in a clinical setting.



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