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Excess fat

The problem of stubborn fat and cellulite

There’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or keep in shape.

But despite all your best efforts, you may find you just can’t get rid of fat or cellulite quickly enough from some areas of your body.

Particular problem areas are under the arms or chin, around the neck or waist, and on the abdomen or thighs. Or bingo wings, love handles, beer bellies and muffin tops as they’re otherwise known!

And even if excess fat or cellulite isn’t a major problem, it may seem harder to keep up your youthful appearance, as ageing skin loses its elasticity and firmness and starts to sag.

The solution – body sculpting

Body sculpting – also called body shaping or body contouring – includes a range of cosmetic procedures that help to remove stubborn fat and cellulite.

The range of body sculpting procedures we offer work most effectively in combination with skin rejuvenation treatments and products. Click here for more information about skin rejuvenation.

Body sculpting treatments for stubborn fat and cellulite

We provide the following treatments for stubborn fat and cellulite:

  • Ultrasound cavitation
  • Fat freezing (cryotherapy)

Fat freezing (also known as cryolipolysis or cryotherapy) is another non-surgical alternative to liposuction for removing localised areas of excess fat.

The fat cells in the targeted areas are cooled to near freezing. This causes them to crystallise, break apart and die, before being naturally eliminated from the body.

Ultrasound cavitation uses ultrasonic waves to emulsify unwanted fat, making it easy for the body to eliminate the fat through the urinary and the lymphatic system.

It is a less expensive alternative to liposuction, giving similar results but involving no surgery, scars or anaesthetic.

For more information about treatments for excess fat, and to book your consultation with the doctor, please contact us at Dr MediSpa.

For more information about treatments for excess fat, or to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Dr MediSpa.

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