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CALECIM® Advanced Hair System

A revolutionary new hair treatment is clinically proven to boost hair growth and reduce shedding in six weeks. extracts are able to send cellular messages to hair follicle cells, initiating a cascade of positive responses such as reinvigoration of dormant and sluggish hair follicles, restoring a healthy hair cycle and halting inflammatory factors found on the scalp that cause follicle cell death.

What’s involved?
The non-invasive treatment can be carried out in clinic or at home. During the CALECIM® Advanced Hair System Professional In-clinic Treatment, a professional-grade microneedling device is used to infuse the CALECIM® Serum into the scalp – one session per week for a six week duration is required. Alternatively, the CALECIM® Advanced Hair System 6 Week Home Treatment Program, which comes with a derma stamp device, can be carried out in your own home. Two sessions per week for a six week duration is required. Please do not omit a session or break mid cycle as this will impact the results.

When can I expect results?
During clinical studies results have been visible in six weeks. Who is it suitable for? The ideal candidate is someone with mild to moderate hair loss. CALECIM® Advanced Hair System can treat the most common types of hair loss in both male and females, including: Telogen Effluvium caused by stress or illness like COVID-19; Traction Alopecia, which is triggered by hair pulling (for example from hair extensions) and Androgenic Alopecia, the most common form of hair loss that is usually down to genetic factors.

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