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How DrMediSpa Clinics treat eye styes

When you get a stye on your eye, it can be painful and irritating. You can’t decide if you want to keep your eyes open or closed, and the soreness can last for days or weeks. Whilst it is frustrating when you have a stye, most often they can go away on their own

DrMediSpa offer treatments to speed up the treatment of uncomfortable and unsightly styes, and for lingering or recurring eye styes.

What is a stye?

A stye is a small painful lump, usually red and inflamed, on the eye or eyelid. It can present as swollen, inflamed, raised, red and can be sore and irritating.

Try not to touch your affected eye, or burst the stye, to prevent the infection spreading further. Painkillers will give you some relief from your eye stye. Wearing glasses instead of contacts until your stye has healed is recommended, too.

If you suffer with a styes, you may find they are recurring or chronic. This might be when you need to take advice from a doctor, such as the team at DrMediSpa.

What can cause it?

Styes can be caused by a number of triggers. Some common reasons why people get styes on their eye:

  • Makeup
  • Makeup wipes/removers
  • Stress
  • Mascara or eyeliner
  • Changes in eye makeup/new skincare products being applied to the area
  • Inflammation or infection of an eyelash follicle
  • False lashes

Prevent styes by properly washing your face and removing your makeup before you go to bed, using clean laundry which you do not share with others. You should also not touch or your eyes without washing your hands first, especially when putting contacts in, doing eye makeup or applying false lashes.

How do you treat a stye? In-clinic treatment protocol for eye styes

We treat it with Radiofrequency treatment by causing a controlled burn directly to the stye which allows it to reduce and drain naturally. We also can prescribe antibiotic ointment for the area, and paraffin. This combination treatment will over-time treat the stye infection but also reduce the sensitivity and soreness! The treatment may require multiple sessions as part of the protocol.

Will the stye be gone forever after treatment?

Once we’ve treated it with the correct protocol the stye should calm down and you should see a fast reduction in inflammation, size and swelling. As a stye is an infection, treatment is not permanent, and they can always come back.

Treat eye styes at DrMediSpa in London and Essex

For more information on our eye stye treatment, contact our friendly clinic team for advice today.

Treat eye styes at DrMediSpa in London and Essex

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