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Dr Somji reveals his skincare secrets for new mums

Skincare secrets for new mums

Many women experience great skin throughout their pregnancies. However, raging hormones and sleep deprivation can mean that new mum glow doesn’t last too long once the baby arrives – with some of the differences proving to be rather alarming. Read on for some expert advice on dealing with three common postpartum skin issues.

Under-eye circles

With the lack of sleep and change of routine, it’s no surprise that many new mums have under-eye circles.

“Dark circles and puffy eyes are the results of hormonal changes as well as a lack of sleep post-delivery. Diet, lifestyle, and even genetics all play a part in how severe the problem is,” shared Dr. Munir Somji aka Dr. Medispa. “To target the issue, use a cold compress under the eyes to help de-puff the area and drink lots of water to help hydrate the area. Products such as the iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, which contains peptides, will smooth and strengthen delicate skin, while antioxidants brighten darkness at the surface. If you are still struggling with eye bags in the long-term, there are surgical options such as a lower blepharoplasty which removes excess fat in the area through an incision in a natural crease.”

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