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Complication Clinic – Risks of Cosmetic Procedures!

What can really go wrong?

 It’s important to be aware of all the risks included when deciding to have a cosmetic procedure, and ensuring that you’re having it done by someone who is experienced, fully qualified and able to deal with any complications that can occur.

BOTOX: what are the risks?

When it migrates to different areas.

The most common side effect of this is droopy eye syndrome; one brow, or both brows appear to ‘droop’. This happens when the Botox accidentally paralyses the ‘elevator’ which is the muscle that holds the eyelid up, when it is injected in the wrong place. For droopy eyelids, specific eye drops can also be prescribed to temporarily open the eye.

This can also cause uneven eyebrows at rest & uneven movement when making facial expressions. One brow may be able to move up and down, and one not. This means one muscle has been paralysed and not the other, meaning it was injected unequally.

What to do if any of the above happens?

Botox only lasts around 3-6 months depending on the individual, so if you experience droopy eyelids, or an unwanted muscle paralysis, you know that it will definitely wear off eventually.

If you are left with uneven eyebrows or forehead movement after Botox, one quick injection in the necassary area can correct this.

DERMAL FILLER: what are the risks?

Filler migrating into unwanted areas.

The most common side effect of this is the ‘overfilled syndrome’. When too much filler has been injected in one area, it will either look over-filled and unnatural resulting in asymmetry, or the filler can migrate to other areas. A common example of this is when too much filler is added to the top lip, meaning the filler eventually migrates into the upper lip and gum-line, leaving the client with a ‘duck pout’ (an protruding top lip appearance). In this case, the filler would need to simply be dissolved.

Blindness. Yes, filler can cause blindness.

This is most likely when injected in advanced areas, especially near the eye, such as the Tear Trough. If the filler is wrongly injected into the blood vessel that connects to the Retina behind the eye, it can lead to loss of eye sight. This is why it is important to choose an experienced, knowledgable injector that uses techniques such as Dr Somji’s specialist nano-droplet cannula technique, which ensures that this isn’t able to occur.


On very rare occasions, dermal filler can cause prolonged firms, or abscess formation, which will present themselves as ‘lumps’. This is most common in lip filler, where clients are left with lumps in the gum-line or bottom lip where too much filler has been added in one sitting, or the lips haven’t been reviewed and massaged after the procedure. This is something that at DrMediSpa we deem compulsory to do after two weeks post procedure.

Natural Reactions

Like anything, very rarely, the body can have a natural reaction to the filler, this can be dissolved and reversed immediately, which would present itself in the form of swelling, redness, pain or firmness. In this case, the client would be treated for an allergic reaction and if necessary, the filler would be dissolved.

So, can we fix these complications?

If filler is wrongly injected in any area leaving asymmetry, unwanted lumps, build ups in the gum line, or an unwanted ‘over-done’ style or look, it can be dissolved within 24 hours after having one quick injection into the area.

Any allergic reaction to fillers can be dissolved immediately with one injection and treated with medication as a general allergic reaction.

Injecting in an main blood vessel: this is irreversible. The effects of the stroke are unable to be reversed or treated, and in some cases, injecting into the wrong artery will be life threatening.

How can I be assured that none of these complications happen?!

  • Visit a board-certified surgeon, like Dr. Somji. As a world renowned cosmetic surgeon and trainer, Dr Somji has exceptional knowledge and experience in injecting, areas to inject and areas to not inject, the anatomy of the face and the body, which ensures that he will fully assess your face beforehand, and never inject in an area that could pose any risk of complication.
  • Dr Somji, as a board-certified surgeon, also has exceptional knowledge in dealing with complications. He teaches surgeons worldwide how to deal with complications effectively and immediately during surgical and non-surgical treatments, so if a reaction did occur, he would be able to reverse it and knows exactly how to deal with any possible complication. DrMediSpa only employs board certified surgeons to perform these procedures.
  • Dr Somji has his own renowned techniques of injecting, that minimize the risk of complications. For areas such as the nose, lips or tear trough (under eye), he uses a cannula rather than a needle. Using a cannula (blunt needle) allows him to inject without tearing through or harming the tissue underneath the skin, resulting in minimal bruising, swelling and less pain. Using a cannula (blunt needle) also minimizes the risk of injecting into a vein or artery, as the cannula would not cut through it but simply glide past it. Using his expertise, he is able to use the cannula to determine which areas are safe to inject in.
  • Dr Somji is also renowned for his personal patient aftercare protocols. Every patient that has Botox or filler treatment is required to attend a two-week follow up review appointment, for Dr Somji to check the filler or Botox has correctly migrated, and that no complications have occurred.


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