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Vascular Lesions – Thread Veins

Vascular lesions are congenital malformations of capillaries, veins, lymphatic’s or arteries. They are regularly common abnormalities of the skin and underlying tissues, however due to their appearance of ‘bulging out’ on the skin, many people that have them are highly conscious of their visibility. They are red, blue, or purple in colour, and can appear on any part of the body.

Thread veins, also known as varicose veins or ‘spider veins’, a type of vascular lesion, are very fine dilated veins underneath the skin. Women are more likely to have present thread veins, one factor being that pregnancy can cause them to appear more visible.

Due to their visibility on the skin, many women opt for their thread veins to be removed, which can be done through laser thread vein removal, using DermaPen micro-needling. Radiofrequency surgery is a safe and quick treatment that uses radio waves to pass through the skin to remove or re-shape lesions. Depending on the type of lesion, the chosen electrode will use a fine needle, a wire loop or a scalpel blade. This cuts and simultaneously coagulates the lesion using high frequency alternating current, without applying any pressure.

Radiotherapy is able to safely and effectively seal the skin tissue at low temperatures. As the nerve endings are fully sealed, this also helps to avoid post-treatment pain.

The procedure is safe, relatively pain-free and performed with little discomfort, as well as little downtime and short healing time.

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