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Dr Munir Somji of Dr Medispa clinic Harley Street

Put your best face forward
As Botox increases in popularity, Anna Frame heads to Harley Street and finds out where you can have a discreet cosmetic procedure while you’re here on holiday.

In this image-obsessed Instagram era, the trend for cosmetic procedures has become mainstream. Even those young and lucky enough to have skin like fine china want to resist wrinkles – there’s been a 41 per cent rise in millennials using Botox in recent years.

Botox has been around for nearly three decades; it is used medically to calm muscle spasms and even migraines. The recent surge in Botox’s popularity is due to the way it softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet and frown lines.

However, there’s a fine line (no pun intended)between looking fresh-faced and refreshed, or ‘frozen’ and unable to express emotion. If you’re worried about the latter, the solution could be Baby Botox – a lighter version of the treatment.

I opted for this ‘baby’ variety, in the safe hands of Dr Munir Somji at Dr MediSpa clinic. His surgery is on Harley Street – home to the country’s best private medical practioners since the 19th century. The clinic offers many procedures, from fillers and facelifts to hair transplants and weight-loss treatments.

My Baby Botox session began with a thorough consultation with Dr Somji. He takes a holistic, less-is-more approach to Botox, asking clients to make funny faces in an effort to see how their facial muscles work. As a 46-year-old, working mother of two I look frazzled for much of the time – and I don’t believe in miracles. I asked Dr Somji to work his magic and make me look less tired.

Lying on the couch, his assistant applied a numbing cream where I would be injected: in the frown line between my eyes, by the crow’s feet around my eyes and my chin. The Botox was injected via tiny needles – a fast and painless process that was quicker than the consultation.

I was warned that two possible side effects are bruising and a headache, though thankfully I had neither. The results didn’t kick in for at least 72 hours – they can take a fortnight – but so far I’m thrilled with my more youthful appearance. When the Botox wears off after five months, I’ll be heading back for more.

10 Harley St, W1G 9PF. T: 020-8418 0362.

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