Tebiskin skincare

Tebiskin® skincare products

Tebiskin skincare product range1

Dr MediSpa is an approved clinic for the Tebiskin® range of exclusive skincare products.

Tebiskin has developed advanced formulations that enhance and prolong the action of their active substances, for all types of skin.

This makes them more effective for treating particular skin conditions, as well as for maintaining healthy skin.

The full range of Tebiskin products we offer is:

  • Cera-boost face cream
  • EGF cream
  • EGF Body
  • Gluage
  • Gly-C
  • Gly-C Strong
  • Gly-Clean
  • Hyal
  • LC (Lightening Cream) – see below
  • OSK cream
  • OSK chest and back
  • OSK Clean
  • OSK Lotion
  • PLC
  • Reticap
  • Reticap Eye + Lip
  • SOD-C
  • Sooth-Clean
  • UV Sooth
  • UV OSK
  • Synchroline Fast
  • Synchroline Intensive
  • Synchroline Cleansing Gel


Tebiskin LC (Lightening Cream)

Tebiskin LC (Lightening Cream) is a safer alternative to hydroquinone-based products.

It uses a combination of ingredients that do not damage the pigment-producing melanocyte cells or release potential carcinogens, which is a risk associated with hydroquinone.

Tebiskin LC is still highly effective at reducing the hyperpigmentation that leads to age spots.

Using the cream over a number of weeks allows the natural ingredients to build up in the skin, leading to a normalisation in melanin levels.

Older, darker skin cells are replaced by new, lighter skin cells through natural shedding, which can be further improved using a mild exfoliant.


Please note: as with all treatments and skincare products, results may vary from person to person.

*Results may vary from person to person