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Nutrigen DNA testing for weight loss and better health and wellbeing

Nutrigen DNA testing can help take the guesswork out of dietary and lifestyle changes. Patients who have body treatments at DrMedispa can now take advantage of this revolutionary test.

Have you tried lots of diets, but was never able to lose weight? Do you feel lethargic, sluggish or able to get through the day without a sugary drink or carb-loaded snack?

At Dr Medispa, we understand that everyone is unique in their DNA and how they process certain foods can have a dramatic effect on weight and health. This is why we offer Fagron Genomics NutriGen™2 DNA testing for our patients who are looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

What is Nutrigen DNA Testing? How does it work?

Nutrigenomic testing determines how an individual responds to what they eat and how their genes affects how their body responds to food. A diet plan that works for one individual may not work for another, and the Fagron NutriGen™ 2 test can be used to support weight loss, as well as sustain a healthy eating plan, improve health and wellbeing and identify risk factors associated with diet and food consumption.

This simple and pain-free test can be taken by all the family and offers a 360 overview of the patients’ genes and understanding. After taking the test with us here at Dr Medispa, we will offer you a personalised diet plan as well as personalised nutrient and supplement recommendations, based on your unique results.

Once on your new plan, we will carefully and regularly monitor your progress so that you start to look and feel better within as little as a few weeks and can maintain that healthy body and lifestyle you have always wanted. No gimmicks, and no confusion. Nutrigenomic testing takes the confusion out of dieting, so that you can set yourself up for success!

Combining personalised nutrition with body contouring treatments

Patients who come to our DrMedispa specialists for body treatments such as Emerald Laser, Emsculpt Neo and Accent Prime can now benefit from personalised lifestyle advice, to uphold and improve their results.

Contact us today to discover more about Nutrigen Genomic testing and get a picture of your metabolism.


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