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Evoke hands-free facial

Evoke delivers hands-free radiofrequency treatment to contour the chin, jawline and cheeks.

As we age, the face can undergo several unwanted changes, from the appearance of fine or deeper lines and wrinkles, the development of subcutaneous fat in areas such as the lower face and neck, loss of skin laxity and skin sagging. At Dr MediSpa in Loughton, Essex and London, we offer the most state-of-the-art, innovative non-surgical treatments for facial re-modelling available today and are proud to announce the arrival of our newest hands-free device – Evoke

What is Evoke?

Evoke is a radiofrequency device with artificial intelligence. A series of gentle facial pads are applied to the area of concern and pass radiofrequency warming between each pad, heating the areas of skin that require fat loss, tightening and toning. The passing of this radiofrequency energy, back and forth, make this a safer treatment, as overheating the skin tissues becomes virtually impossible. As Evoke is a non-surgical, pain-free procedure, it can be performed in your lunch hour, requires no anaesthetic and there is no downtime afterwards. Perfect for those who are not considering surgery, who do not like the thought of discomfort or downtime and who live busy lives.

Hands free facial sculpting

Hands free facial sculpting without injections

If you are someone who is needle phobic, or simply doesn’t like the idea of having injectable substances for the face, Evoke could be the perfect option. In a 30 to 60 minute treatment, a small amount of ultrasound gel is applied to each electrode. Then, the device is strapped gently on to the face and gets to work. Once the treatment is complete, you can go back to your daily activities without having to adhere to any of the aftercare instructions that you would, following an injectable procedure.

Non-surgical chin reshaping

If you are someone who has been considering re-shaping your chin area, due to the development of fat, or loose skin, Evoke is the perfect option, should surgery not be required. As radiofrequency energy heats the underlying skin tissues, it offers a tightening effect, as well as reducing unwanted subcutaneous fat from the lower facial regions. In a course of 3 to 6 sessions, you should see significant improvements.

Non-surgical jawline and cheek reshaping

As we get older, the lower face can succumb to skin sagging and laxity. This can not only drag down the appearance of the mid cheek area, but compromises the contours of the jawline, forming jowls. To sculpt and tone this area, Evoke can be used, either alone, or in conjunction with other treatments such as Morpheus8 or even the use of injectables, such as dermal fillers, can offer a lifting, toning and tightening effect to these areas.

Combination treatments:

Although Evoke is a highly-effective treatment when used alone, at Dr MediSpa, we believe in taking a holistic approach to facial anti-ageing and offer the following combination treatments when required, for the ultimate in cosmetic beauty:-

  • Evoke and Morpheus8 for fat removal and skin tightening – 2 weeks apart
  • Evoke with bespoke skincare (ZO Skincare, Peels, Facials). These treatments can be applied on the same day, so long as peels aren’t on the same area eg. cheeks
  • Evoke with injectables (Botox®, dermal fillers, skin boosters (Profhilo®)) – 2 weeks apart

DrMedispa patients can also enjoy Evoke and simultaneous body treatments (Morpheus8, EmsculptNEO, Emerald Laser) on the same day, maximising their time in clinic. This is commonplace for our national and international patients!

Benefits of Evoke skin remodelling

  • Evoke is the ONLY hands-free facial remodelling device, which is clinically-proven to deliver results, on the market. There are 2 x applicators for multiple treatment areas – cheeks and chin, jowls, submental area and jawline re-modelling.
  • Evoke is classified as a lunchtime procedure – you can even work or have other treatments, whilst undergoing an Evoke treatment!
  • Evoke uses controlled bipolar RF energy, which offers three-dimensional facial remodelling. The built-in temperature sensors in Evoke balance the temperature/energy output at 40-43 degrees – the perfect temperature for collagen and elastin stimulation.
  • Evoke offers a more uniform delivery and consistent bulk heating, eliminating operator error. Evoke not only works on skin tightening, but can correct areas of unwanted fat in the facial regions. The LCD screen of Evoke enables your practitioner to visually monitor the thermal effect, each applicator has on the treatment area, at any point, during the procedure.
  • Although Evoke is a hands-free device it offers a ‘patient call’ button, to easily pause the treatment and allow your practitioner to make adjustments, if required.

Before and After Evoke Skin Remodeling

Before and after Evoke skin remodelling

Evoke skin remodelling FAQs

When will I see the results of my Evoke treatment?

Some results can be seen straight away, as the tightening effect of Evoke can lift and tone the skin immediately. However, for significant skin tightening as well as fat reduction, a course of between 3 and 6 treatments may be recommended, with optimum results to be seen at approximately 4 weeks, following the last session.

How long do the results last?

As with any non-surgical treatment, Evoke will not halt the natural ageing process and further ‘top up’ treatments might be required annually, to maintain the results achieved in your first treatment course. Every patient is different in how long their results last, but on average, the results from Evoke can last anything from 8 to 12 months, before a maintenance session is required.

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