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Although a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to maintain a slim and svelte physique, sometimes these are simply not enough and areas of stubborn fat accumulate in areas such as the hips, waist, stomach, buttocks and flanks. When traditional surgery is either not appropriate or not required, alternative interventions can offer effective and permanent fat removal for those hard-to-shift fatty areas.

Body Contouring with BodyTite™

At Dr. MediSpa we offer BodyTite™ one of the most effective fat reduction systems in the world, which uses radiofrequency technology along with lipolysis to painlessly heat up bodily fat to melt it and shrink loose skin and tissues which aid to contour and shape the body. BodyTite™ can target problem areas with this minimally invasive lipolysis technique. The beauty of this treatment is that is can safely and precisely heat the tissues being contoured with no damage to the surrounding skin. Dr. Somji has patients travel to the UK specifically for this procedure given his considerable expertise in this field.

BodyTite™ can treat the following areas:

  • Stomach / belly – especially effective for women who have had caesarian births.
  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Chest (men only / man boobs)

Frequently asked questions about BodyTite™

Am I suitable for BodyTite™?

As BodyTite™ is minimally invasive, most people with subcutaneous ‘pinchable’ stubborn areas of fat or skin that needs tightening, would be suitable. However, at Dr. MediSpa we would request that you attend a pre-treatment consultation so that you understand the procedure and can be assessed for your suitability for treatment.

What happens during the BodyTite™ treatment?

Dr. Somji will mark out the area/s to be treated and take before pictures for your medical file. He will then clean the area and administer an injectable anaesthetic for your comfort. The BodyTite™ cannula (a hollow tube) is then inserted in to the area of concern and treatment commences. The excess fat is softened with the cannula and this, along with excess fluids are drained away from the body through this equipment. For each patient, a new cannula is assembled and then destroyed following the procedure, making it an extremely sterile and safe treatment.

What are the side-effects / downtime?

You may experience some bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness and uneven skin for approximately two to three weeks following this treatment but these symptoms are all normal and should subside naturally.

What results can I expect with BodyTite™?

The results with BodyTite™should be permanent. However, with any non-surgical fat reduction procedure the results and how they last will be dependent on your lifestyle choices. BodyTite™ will not prevent further weight gain if you follow a less than healthy diet and exercise regime. It should be seen as a step towards a healthy and active lifestyle to maintain your new slimmer you. Most people see an immediate result and it is usual for the skin to become slightly uneven by week 3 after the treatment and can take up to 9 months to become smooth and will usually look much better than before the procedure.

What do I do for aftercare?

Following BodyTite™ you will be required to wear a pressure garment and should be able to return to work within 2 to 3 days. You will be given a course of pain killers for your comfort and the day after your procedure we will assess you to change your dressings. We will maintain contact with you in the weeks that follow to ensure you are happy with your results. Regular follow up appointments will continue up to 12 months following your BodyTite™ treatment to ensure that you are following the appropriate aftercare and taking care of your new, slimmer body.



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