3D LipoMed


3D LipoMed

Do you want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat?

Do you want to lose inches or tighten skin?

If so, consider 3D Lipomed – a revolutionary new fat-reduction treatment available at Dr MediSpa.

*Results may vary from person to person

3D Lipomed is the latest non-invasive approach to achieving noticeable fat loss without surgery.

It is a powerful and revolutionary new approach to liposuction which does not involve traditional liposuction techniques. It reduces body fat by destroying fat cells, instead of merely breaking them up and releasing them into the body.

3D Lipomed is the brand new ‘medi’ version of the popular 3D Lipo treatments, offering a new and superior improved update of this powerful technology. The medical version of the machine is available at DrMediSpa.


3D-Lipo offers a comprehensive range of fat and cellulite reduction treatments

Cryolipolysis involves controlled freezing of fat cells. The freezing causes the fat cells to die, but does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin. The body’s lymphatic system naturally disposes of the dead fat cells over the ensuing weeks and months. Only a single treatment is needed for each area. Only one treatment is needed! You can see great results within 2-6 months

Ultrasound Cavitation
Ultrasound is used to create a pressure wave which the fat cells are not able to withstand, resulting in the cell membrane rupturing and causing the cell to turn into liquid which is then processed away by the body naturally. End result is natural fat loss. 6 to 8 treatments recommended, at weekly intervals. You will see significant results after each session.

Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency treatment generates energy that penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue. The heating caused by the RF waves result in an immediate contraction of collagen fibres. At the same time, new collagen is produced, resulting in a tighter, firmer appearance of the skin.
6 to 8 treatments recommended.

3D Dermology
Vacuum suction and rollers are used to drain the depleted fat cells through the lymphatic system.

3D Lipo Prices

TreatmentPrice per course
Cryolipolysis “Fat Freeze”
(per area/freeze)
1 session £250
2 sessions £400
3D Slim for fat/cellulite reduction
Cavitation + Dermology
8 sessions £1020
3D Tighten8 sessions £999
3D Radio Frequency (fat melting) & Dermology8 sessions £999
Dermology (cellulite reduction)8 sessions £700
3D LipoMed upgrades3 session top-up course
Cavitation £480
Radio Frequency (fat melting) £400
Skin tightening £400
Freeze £150 per area, when purchased as a package.

*Results may vary from person to person