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Synchrorose® Intensive

Synchrorose® Intensive, is medically licensed to treat Rosacea, and contains the same ingredients found in Synchrorose® Fast, but at a slightly lower level, with MSM to inhibit the release of inflammatory skin chemicals, now combined with the unique patented ingredient 4-t-butylcyclohexanol which short circuits nerve triggered reddening events which includes reducing the impact of nerve stimuli triggered by diet and hormonal issues.

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Polyglutamic acid improved the skins tolerance levels by reducing sensory triggering and improving lipid and epidermal structures which normalise skin response to triggers and raises the skin tolerance thresholds.

Synchrorose® Intensive incorporates all the ingredients above but in lesser amounts but also has hydrating ingredients and UVa and UVb SPF 30 control specially formulated, so that the sun blockers do not irritate sensitive skin, as many sunscreens can do.

Synchrorose® Intensive resists skin reddening, reduces the visibility of dilated blood vessels and further susceptibility by normalising and strengthening the skin. It also re-hydrates the skin.

Synchrorose® Intensive contains products such as Acetyl Glucosamine, Tocopherol Acetate and a number of other products which help raise ‘Trigger Tolerance Thresholds’.

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