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Clinic Ethos

We provide medically proven treatments in world class surroundings. All treatments are bespoke to each patient and care is taken to ensure maximal benefit is achieved.
Safety, clinical excellence and a patient centred approach are our three key pillars.

Clinical Professionalism

  • We are a Doctor led clinic. This means that all treatment plans are observed by a fully GMC registered doctor. All of our doctors are registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies associated with their specialty.
  • DrMediSpa holds the prestigious position of being one of the leading clinics worldwide. Our whole team have received the highest degree of training and is continually updated.
  • We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is the same organisation who regulate NHS hospitals. Therefore, our standards with regards to good clinical practice and patient care is always exemplary.
  • We pride ourselves on tailor making individual plans using a multimodule approach and we also adjust each treatment to suit the individual.


  • As a leading clinic we feel it is our duty to set higher standards in an unregulated industry.
  • All of our clinicians have specific training in each of the treatments they offer and are appraised yearly.
  • We have access to the latest treatments and technology as a result of our reputation in the industry.
  • Our clinicians train other professionals within the aesthetic medicine and surgery. Dr. Somji is a key opinion leader for a number of aesthetic and surgical companies and, as a result, our patients benefit from the latest expertise and experience.
  • Our medical directors always stress the importance of evidence-based practice. This means every treatment available at DrMediSpa has the appropriate medical research to prove efficacy.


  • We have a strict selection policy for all members of staff. All doctors are chosen on their academic, clinical and communication abilities. All aestheticians are required to undergo a rigorous training process irrespective of experience or background. The DrMediSpa academy training is highly sought after in the industry.
  • All devices are recognised as the best in the industry. We have one of the largest treatment menus for proven, effective treatments in comparison to other clinics worldwide.
  • In every step of each treatment there is no compromise in quality.
    All treatment plans and progress are overseen by clinical staff. We have regular meetings to discuss how we can improve individual patient care and quality. It is this constant feedback and re-evaluation that sets DrMediSpa apart.
  • We have a structured complaints policy. The focus is to firstly ensure patient satisfaction and secondly make steps to ensure that events do not re-occur.

Ensuring patient outcomes

  • We perform a number of audits of our treatments and service to ensure that our high standards are maintained.
  • We have a high number of unsolicited unbiased 5-star reviews and promptly investigate, address and learn from negative experiences.
  • All treatments are subject to a clinical review to assess the outcome.

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