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Let’s talk about Dr Somji Skin

In March, Dr. Somji launched his highly anticipated skincare line, Dr. Somji Skincare. Knowing Dr. Somji’s reputation for perfectionism, it came as no surprise me when I learnt that he and his wife Henal had dedicated five years to crafting the ideal formulations for the range. With both Dr. Somji and Henal bringing their wealth of experience in skin treatments to the table, I was buzzing to get my hands on the products and to learn more.

I chatted to Dr. Somji about his motivations for the brand and he emphasised his primary objective “was to create a safer method of combining active ingredients to minimize irritation, especially when introducing potent but effective actives like retinol”, having observed challenges “with certain ingredients interacting negatively through the years”. For example, excessive skin irritation when combining Retinol with Azaelic Acid or Vitamin C. Retinol is an extensively researched anti ageing active that promotes skin cell turnover and unblocks pores but it is known to be irritating, so having a well tolerated version of this is the holy grail of any beauty regimen.

Dr Somji’s ideal of combining skincare actives safely is reflected throughout the range. For instance, both the Signature Serum and Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF feature ‘exosomal encapsulated Vitamin C’. Vitamin C is infamous for it’s instability, it’s basically the biggest diva in skincare. Encapsulation ensures the Vitamin C reaches deeper layers of the skin without losing it’s potency or irritating the skin. The Night Recovery Cream and Signature Serum contain encapsulated Retinol, a novel innovation for delivering retinol safely to the skin with minimal to no dryness or redness.

Dr Somji has carried out his research globally and has been compelled to focus on introducing “clinically proven actives from around the world”. You will notice Green Tangerine Vitamin C featured in the products. This powerful antioxidant is sourced from South Korean island, Jeju.

“I wanted all my products to be soothing to the skin”. Centella Asiatica featured in the Signature Serum is sourced from South East Asia. It is a type of grass with anti inflammatory properties and “it was discovered because tigers will rub their bodies on it when they are injured”. Do I want a serum that actively helps increase skin cell turnover for anti-aging whilst also reducing any associated irritation? Yes please, put it in the bag.

Targetting concerns

Furthermore, through the ten years of treating a vast variety of skin concerns in their clinic, Dr Somji and Henal are well versed in regards to the burden of common conditions such as acne and rosacea. Dr Somji “wanted to ensure the products are suitable for addressing acne and rosacea, I know that’s something my patients will appreciate”.

Cue the Anti Redness Serum, which, as someone who deals with Rosacea, I was very excited about. Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by recurrent episodes of facial flushing, erythema, papules, pustules, and telangiectasias on the central face worsened by certain tiggers such as alcohol, cold weather and spicy food ref 1.

The serum contains Centella Exosomes – these are anti inflammatory and help to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Rosacea is thought to be associated with disturbances in the microbiome of the skin, specifically to microorganism Demodex folliculorum leading to pustular acne like breakouts on the cheeks ref 2. The Anti Redness Serum protects and improves both the skin barrier and microbiome thereby reducing break outs, thanks to Milk Thistle Extract, patchouli and Vitamin E. Having used it for a number of weeks I’m already noticing a big difference in facial flushing and redness.

Daily protection

Another highlight of the range for me is it’s ability to integrate with daily glam. That is to say, the Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF “has been tried and tested by runway make up artists as a primer”. Dr Somji explained that “Henal has a passion for makeup and crafting looks so it was very important to us that our products complement makeup application”. I mean, can you get any more fabulous? I can attest to how dewy this product feels as a primer and although I am not a makeup artist, I know there’s nothing more irritating than when you put your SPF on and it starts to come away in sticky blebs when you apply your foundation.

All considered, I can conclude that Dr Somji skin is highly considered and has a lot to offer. When optimising your skincare routine, introduce new products gradually- slow and steady wins the race. As always, we are available in clinic to offer in depth skin analysis and consultations to develop your personalised plan that will catapult your skin to number 1 in the list of things you love (sorry spouses). After all, skincare is the pinnacle of aesthetic treatments- there’s no point relaxing your frown with toxin if your skin stays looking sad.

Stay tuned for my blog where I will be reviewing my favourite skincare products. Click here to read more about the range or find out what Dr Somji skin in clinic treatments we’re excited for you to try!

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