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Cosmetic Trends 2022 – Telegraph

The new tightening and tweaking cosmetic treatments to look out for in 2022

There is a whole menu of non-surgical innovations to choose from this year

Then there are clinics offering treatments for cosmetic hair issues far beyond basic baldness, and new body micro-needling and Profhilo to smooth flabby under-arms. Thread lifts, meanwhile, are re-thought with newer and longer lasting benefits. All of this is done with a 2022 approach to treatments: skin ethnicity, for example, will be a key factor in treatment tailoring, and skin therapies are tweaked for what works well on Zoom. Thinking of getting a little work done this year? Read on.

The best cosmetic treatments to try

… For those despairing of genetic or age-related hair thinning or quality concerns, more and better hair procedures will be popping up on top clinic menus.

Doctor Munir Somji of London’s drmedispa clinic offers a triple treatment for thinning hair which combines minor surgery, injectables and light: “We are layering up our surgical treatments with non-surgical hair growth support protocols such as Regenera [which uses stem cell therapy] and Calecim hair growth serums.” Dr Somji also offers the newest versions of hair transplants. “We have found that both treatments followed by Dermalux LED light therapy are improving the quality and quantity of hair in our patients.”

Also on the radar for 2022 are hair, and more specifically, scalp products containing the same ingredients as facial skin enhancers, including AHAs, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Consider Including one such product into your routine for extra 21st century oomph.

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