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An Emerald Laser Review

Enter Dr MediSpa, an award-winning group of clinics – newly opened in Knightsbridge, to join Marylebone and Loughton – who happen to be a UK Centre of Excellence for the Emerald laser fat reduction treatment. TThe Emerald laser is a new generation of fat-targeting treatment, particularly exciting for offering pain-free zapping with no downtime, in sessions of just half an hour each. The science is seriously impressive, but to distil it down into laymen’s terms: instead of killing fat cells, which can be counterproductive, causing the body to create more of them, the Emerald creates a temporary pore in the surface of the cells, allowing the fat to be released into, and processed through, the lymphatic system. This means the cells themselves shrink, but remain healthy and fully-functioning, enabling them to carry on sending the correct messages to the brain in terms of, among other things, appetite regulation. The results are therefore not only seriously promising in terms of inch loss but act as a ‘reboot’ to bodies – like my own – where years of yo-yo weight gain and loss have confused those messages.


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