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Emerald Laser at DrMedispa

Why lasers and radio frequency could be the key to eternal youth

Today’s rejuvenation gurus see lasers and radio frequency as the way forward.

First on the list is a new Emerald laser treatment – there are only two machines delivering this in the UK at the moment – and its claims are impressive. Emerald is clinically proven to reduce fat without damage or downtime. Even better, it’s reported to send its users out of the clinic with increased energy and an ability to sleep like a top. And what could be more restorative than that?

The patient just lies on a massage bed, and the therapist swings a white plastic and metal contraption – like something dreamed up by the Wizard of Oz – over the body to cover the area they’re treating. The machine then shines swirling green lights on to the flesh beneath. According to Dr Munir Somji, who has brought it over from the US, those green laser beams penetrate beneath the skin painlessly, melting out the fat within cells, which your body then excretes.

You’re supposed to have one session a week for up to 10 weeks. But after just one half-hour treatment at the DrMedispa clinic in Knightsbridge, I’d lost 1.5cm off my hips and torso. And it works as a pick-me-up even if you’ve no excess poundage to shed. That is because, says Dr Somji, ‘the Emerald laser releases the excess fat into the bloodstream, which can be used by the body as energy’.


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