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Facial oils – Dr Somji comments

Best natural facial oils for your skin type

Most off-the-shelf formulations are made up of a blend of different oils, but according to Dr Dr Munir Somji, these are the best base oils to keep an eye out for, depending on your skin type:

Oily skin – jojoba oil
Acne-prone skin – sunflower seed oil, geranium oil, lavender oil (this can be allergen so consider formulation and concentration)
Dry skin – sweet almond oil, Argan oil,
Mature skin – frankincense oil, hemp seed oil, Rosehip oil, melon seed oil
Sensitive skin – calendula oil

Which facial oils should you avoid?

“Olive oil is not great for the face, as it is comedogenic,” says Dr Somji. Comedogenic ingredients block pores, leading to spots and blackheads – not the ideal outcome from adding a facial oil to your routine. Squalane derived from olives makes a good, lightweight alternative, boosting the skin barrier with none of the pore-plugging side effects.

“Coconut oil is also not good for the skin as it increases skin irritation and can lead to increased pigmentation following UV exposure.” Keep yours for the kitchen only.

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