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How to choose a Cosmetic Injector: Is your injector qualified?

The culture we live in often shines praise on the Do-It-Yourself attitude, which is great in most cases, but with medical and cosmetic treatments, it is incredibly important to stay away from that delusion! We must not downplay the achievements that medical professionals have worked hard in completing and as a patient it is your duty to be an incredibly informed consumer and ask as many questions as you can!

It is so common to downplay the risks of non-surgical procedures such as injections and more often than not, I encounter hundreds of patients who come to me for filler corrections. You want to be in the hands of someone who has decades of experience and expertise in not only anatomy, but clinical procedures, skincare and much more.

In the wrong hands, you will risk encountering dangerous complications. Not only are you risking being injected with a substance that has not been approved by the regulatory bodies, but you will also risk being injected incorrectly causing not only negative results but complications down the line.

Below are qualities you must be sure of when choosing the right clinic and the right Cosmetic Injector.

Top Five Qualities when looking for a Cosmetic Injector:

  1. Injector Qualifications
  2. On-Site Physician
  3. Professional Memberships
  4. Reliable references
  5. Full disclosure of Risks and Benefits

You only have one face! So it is important that you have confidence in your injector and know for sure that they have the clinical expertise that is required to perform these procedures correctly and safely. It takes many years of training, hundreds of hours of learning and maintaining years of pre-existing knowledge that goes into becoming a Clinician/ Physician or Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon and even then, you must take into consideration the years that go into mastering injecting.

Going forward please remember that:

  1. Not all injectors have endured the right training to offer cosmetic injections
  2. Many clinicians have no training in facial anatomy and injecting techniques
  3. It is important to recognise the necessary medical qualifications needed to inject

Finally, the most important point is that if complications do occur, your physician has the skill set or structured pathway to manage complications promptly and effectively.

If you are thinking about having cosmetic filler and have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me:

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