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Dissolving Filler – Treating overfilled faces at Dr MediSpa

Dissolving filler, especially in areas that are commonly overfilled such as the lips, is something that we do on a regular basis at our complication clinic at DrMediSpa.


Why would filler need to be dissolved?

Misplaced or Overfilled:

Sometimes, when dermal filler is misplaced, wrongly injected and causing complications, or over-injected, it’s visible to the naked eye. The ‘duck lips’ is a prime example of this, when it’s visible that someone is experiencing a puffy upper lip or a constant protruded pout due to the migration of filler into the gum line and above the lip tissue. Alongside the fact that this looks unnatural, and is not the desired look for most patients, it can also have implications and cause complications in the future.

Lips being overfilled causing filler to migrate into the gumline can in turn cause more ageing in this area. The weight and pressure of the filler on the skin brings the mouth down and the over-use of the muscles around the mouth to compensate causes wrinkles, fine lines and skin laxity. This isn’t permanent and can be treated with dissolving all of the filler, refilling the lips again subtly after two weeks and in some cases the use of Botox or skin tightening treatments to tighten up the skin around the mouth again and reduce any remaining fine lines. 

Dermal filler complications

In some cases, filler needs to be dissolved due to complications that occur. Adverse reactions, lumps are a small risk associated with dermal filler treatment. Necrosis, where filler has been wrongly injected into a blood vessel causing circulation loss and death of the surrounding tissue in that area, is a serious issue.

In the event of circulation loss, the dermal filler would need to be dissolved within 24 hours of diagnosis of necrosis to save the tissue, otherwise, there’s a potential need for a skin graft and surgical intervention to reconstruct the face. This is why its absolutely essential filler is injected by an experienced, regulated medical professional such as our surgeons that closely monitor all patients responses to any filler they have, and always see them for a medical review.

How are dermal fillers dissolved?

Dissolving filler is a very simple and quick treatment. It involves no more than 1-4 injections of hyaluronidase into the area that the filler needs to be dissolved, meaning the treatment time takes up to only 10 minutes.

What is hyaluronidase?

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that acts as a dispersion agent, breaking down hyaluronic acid through hydrolysis. It’s a naturally-occurring enzyme that is purified to dissolve dermal fillers.

What are the side effects of hyaluronidase? What does it feel like?

Immediately after injecting hyaluronidase into the area, you will experience immediate and visible swelling and potential bruising. This will subside within 48-72 hours depending on the area and how much filler is required to be dissolved, however, it will take up to two weeks for all of the filler to be completely dissolved and settled back natural.

You may experience initial pain such as a stinging sensation when the hyaluronidase is injected, and potential mild pain from the bruising and swelling, however after 24-48 hours you shouldn’t experience any further pain in the area.

Can I get filler again in the same area?

Yes, you can! Just because you need your lips or another area dissolved does not mean you have to go back to basics. Once the filler is completely dissolved and settled after two weeks, you can inject filler into the are again correctly and subtly.

A lot of people use the option of dissolving filler as a way to remove all previous work they’ve had done and start again on a blank canvas. We usually re-fill our patients to achieve the natural result they desire at their two-week review.

Dermal filler dissolving treatment with hyaluronidase at Dr MediSpa

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