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Dr Somji answers questions about Adult Acne at Voir

Dr. Medi Spa Tells Us Everything You Need to Know About Adult Acne and How to Solve It

Entering your twenties and leaving behind your teenage years often merits itself a sigh of relief. Along with a multitude of firsts, you say farewell to uncontrollable hormones and bad skin… so we hoped. Yet dermal institute studies have shown that between 40% and 55% of the population suffer from persistent acne as an adult. Many of us have been struck with the acne sword when we least expected it, despite some having never experienced it before. In fact, as women, there is rarely a time when our hormones aren’t changing, often leading to breakouts.

Sadly, the reassurance that you will ‘grow out of it’ no longer promises hope. But, you’re not alone. When Kendall Jenner spoke out about her own journey with acne early last year whilst partnering with skincare brand Proactiv, it was a reminder to us all how acne does not discriminate. Seeking all the answers, we chatted – virtually of course – to the founder and top aesthetician at the award-winning Dr MediSpa clinic, Dr Munir Somji who really does know his stuff. Skin doctor to the stars, he has broken down why us and importantly to many, why now?

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