Why Londoners are flocking for tear trough filler

Tear trough filler London: The eyes are the first thing someone sees when they look at us, and as we get older, vital substances in the skin such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are lost, and this can lead to hollowing and sagging of eye area. When you lose fat and bone mass, the eye sockets naturally increase in size and dark circles can appear.

Dark circles can also be a result of lack of sleep, pollution and excesses of alcohol and if you live a hectic London life, this might be something you’re all too familiar with.

At Dr. MediSpa in London and Loughton, we are noticing more and more Londoners are flocking to our clinics to find a solution for under eye bags and dark circles. We offer injectable dermal filler treatment for the tear trough area which can revitalise and restore tired and ageing eyes for a more youthful and wide-eyed appearance.

Our medical director, Dr Munir Somji, loves tear trough fillers!

What is tear trough filler?

During a tear trough treatment, the dermal filler is applied via an injection into the under-eye area (tear trough) using either a needle or cannula (blunt hollow needle). Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA) which naturally occurs in the skin and is responsible for a hydrated look. Replacing lost HA with dermal fillers can not only improve the tone, texture and hydration of the skin but can also ‘plump’ and fill out areas where volume has depleted, which can reduce eye bags and dark circles.

Dermal fillers for the tear trough area should only be performed by an advanced medical practitioner with an advanced knowledge of the facial anatomy and extensive training in this area. At Dr. MediSpa, Dr Munir Somji is one of the UK’s leading authorities in aesthetic medicine and has performed thousands of tear trough dermal filler treatments with outstanding results.

The tear trough is a very vascular area, and poor injections can have catastrophic results: some of which, Dr Somji has, unfortunately, had to correct. When looking for a tear trough filler London clinic, make sure you’re happy with the portfolio, reviews and safety measures on-hand in the clinic you choose.

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Eye rejuvenation. Note the improvement in the position of the brow, reduction in excess skin and softening of the under eye hollow. This can be performed with a combination of different treatments RFAL, Botox, Plasma, Fractora and tear trough fillers. This is an example of a patient who has had a mixture of the above. Minimal invasive surgery with no scars. The key is mixing a few treatments. Botox to help the crows feet and lift the brow. RFAL to tighten the deep fat septae and shrink the skin of the forehead. Plasma to sublimate excess skin around the lids, Fractora to tighten the remaining skin and tear trough fillers to fill the under eye hollows. #eyelift #eyelifting #eyebrows #upperblepharoplasty #blepharoplasty #nonsurgicalblepharoplasty #crowsfeet #botox #teartroughfillers #facialtreatment #drmedispa #harleystreet #drsomji

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Tear trough filler with Dr Munir Somji

Before tear trough treatment with dermal fillers can be administered, we will request that you attend a consultation with Dr. Somji. Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by the various lifestyle choices, synonymous with living in London such as smoking, little sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and pollution. These symptoms can usually be treated with dermal fillers. However, conditions such as anaemia could be the cause of your dark circles, so this will need to be checked and confirmed before treatment.

Once Dr Somji is certain that you will benefit from a tear trough dermal filler treatment, he will invite you back to the clinic for the procedure. Expect minimal bruising and no downtime when administered by Dr Somji. We have had some showstopping results!

By following Dr Somji’s advice your dermal fillers can last between 9 and 12 months.

Hundreds of Londoners are benefitting every day with a course of dermal fillers for the tear troughs, to eradicate and disguise those tell-tale signs of London life. At Dr. MediSpa, we offer a wealth of expertise and experience so we can provide you with the very best results in a comfortable and safe environment.

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My all time favourite treatment for dark circles. I have patients visiting from all over the world for this treatment. Tear trough dermal filler expertly placed with cannula. The result is below after 2 weeks. Minimal bruising no downtime and a fresher look 😎. As always it’s best to schedule a consult as you may not be appropriate for the treatment. Cost is £400-800 dependent on amount of filler used. Results last 9-12 months on average #drsomji #drmedispa #plasticsurgery #surgery #dermalfillers #teartrough #teartroughfillers #teartroughs #teartroughaugmentation #teartroughlondon #teartroughfilling #redensity2 #juvederm #restylane #cosmetic #cosmetics #cosmeticsurgery #lovemyjob #vogue #tatlerdoctorguide #tatlerrecommended #darkcircles #darkcircles #darkeyecircles #undereyebags #undereyefiller #undereyecircles

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Tear trough filler London and Essex with Dr Medispa

For more information on tear trough filler treatments in our London and Essex clinics, contact our team of friendly and helpful staff on 0208 418 0362 to book your no-obligation consultation with Dr Somji.

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