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Five things you didn’t know about PRP treatment

The ageing process is something that happens to us all and can leave skin looking tired, sallow, dry and dehydrated. Many of us would like to slow down the hands of time but would prefer to keep things natural when it comes to non-surgical treatments.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy is becoming the ‘go-to’ cosmetic procedure for those who would prefer not to go down the ‘synthetic’ injectable route. At Dr. MediSpa, in our Loughton and Chiltern Street clinics, we offer PRP for a wide-range of skin and hair-loss concerns.

Not everyone has heard of PRP treatment and its applications, so here are five things you may not have known ...

PRP – uses your own blood!

Commonly known as the ‘vampire facial’, PRP treatment uses your own blood. The blood is taken via a syringe (similarly to a blood test), which is separated via a centrifuge to obtain the PRP, after which the plasma is then injected back in to the areas of concern. The growth factors and plasma cells help to stimulate the damaged skin, replenishing it and encouraging the production of collagen and elastin as well as promoting cell renewal and hydration of the skin.

PRP isn’t a new thing!

PRP treatment originated in medical practices many years ago, primarily used for healing wounds. Like many aesthetic treatments originate, due to the consistent, exceptional results of PRP, aesthetic practitioners started using it for anti-ageing treatments with huge success.

PRP can be used for a variety of skin and hair concerns!

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin, age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Dark under-eye circles
  • Dull, dehydrated skin
  • Hair loss

PRP is a simple, virtually painless procedure!

Before a PRP treatment, Dr Somji uses a topical anaesthetic to numb the specific area to reduce any discomfort, however, this is not usually required unless treating the scalp for hair loss, which can be more sensitive to injections.
The procedure itself takes around 30 minutes depending on the area being treated and there is very little downtime afterwards.

PRP offers little or no side effects

Since PRP is autologous (the substance is produced from your very own blood), side effects and reactions occurring are extremely rare. You may experience slight swelling, bruising or soreness around the treated area, but these symptoms generally pass within 48 hours.

The overall results of PRP can take between 6-12 weeks, however this can be maintained with occasional top up sessions.

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