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Laser Treatments – iPixel Laser Resurfacing… Is it for me?

Whether you suffer with scarring, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, ageing skin, sun damage or stretch marks, iPixel skin-resurfacing laser treatment helps to improve skin texture, tone and pore size, and ultimately reduces or removes the appearance of these marks or blemishes. Due to the lasers non-ablative nature, the downtime for this procedure is minimal, as well as minimum irritation during the procedure; it’s virtually a pain-free, quick, yet visibly effective treatment.

Each treatment session only takes between 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated, and on average you’ll need 3-5 treatments with intervals of 4 weeks, so this also won’t take up too much your time.

So, how does it work?

  • The laser directs a short, intense burst of laser energy onto the surface of the skin. This heats water within the surface layers, causing both the water and skin tissue to turn to vapour.
  • With each pass of the laser, tiny areas (or ‘pixels’) of the outermost layers of skin are removed in a precise and controlled way. Surrounding skin tissue is untouched and remains intact.
  • The process uses the body’s natural healing process to stimulate the growth of collagen and replace the lost skin with new, healthy and smoother skin tissue.
  • Because the iPixel can be targeted so precisely, it has fewer side effects than ablative resurfacing lasers. This makes it suitable for treating skin on the face, neck, chest and hands with minimal irritation.

The big question everyone is asking…Is it worth it?

A 15-minute procedure with little downtime, minimal pain or discomfort, and highly noticeable results, what else could you want? The long-term effects of the treatment are naturally affected by the normal ageing process, which varies from person to person, but your skin will look noticeably better within just a few days post treatment. Like any treatment, this does require maintenance every 6-12 months to achieve optimal results.

IPixel vs. Clearlift Harmony Clearlift Laser Treatment, what is it?

ClearLift is an effective anti-ageing treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, pigmentation, dark scars, sun-damaged skin, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, large pores, and even irregularities from dermal filler treatments.

The ClearLift laser emits short, powerful bursts of light that penetrate the skin’s surface. The outer layer of the skin is unaffected, while the heat created deeper in the skin delivers a controlled ‘wound’. As this ‘wound’ heals, it stimulates production of new collagen and breaks down unwanted pigmentation. Similarly to iPixel, there’s minimal downtime, long-lasting visible results, and it’s easily maintained.

Which one is for me?

Clearlift, commonly known, as the ‘lunchtime treatment’ is a collagen developing procedure, advised for patients with young skin that needs rejuvenating to maintain their youthful vitality, as an alternative to having Botox or fillers. A benefit of Clearlift is that it can be used in 5 different depths, depending on the needs of the client’s skin and the expected results. It creates a dermal injury underneath the skin, which develops collagen and elastin, creating a plumping, lifting effect.

IPixel on the other hand, is to be used when treating specific deep lines, deep wrinkles, ageing skin, hyperpigmentation or specific concern areas, as opposed to an overall rejuvenation. Both laser treatments are highly effective when chosen correctly based on the clients specific needs, skin concerns and expected results.

Clearlift will certainly deliver a rejuvenated, collagen-boosted youthful look to the skin, whereas iPixel will work towards removing visibility of wrinkles, lines, scarring, pigmentation and damaged areas.

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