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Acne after pregnancy – getting your glow back

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can go through. However, the postpartum period can be fraught with stretch marks, sagging skin and in some cases, post-pregnancy acne. It’s a myth that acne only affects teenagers. Far from it. Changing hormone levels in pregnancy can set off a skin reaction even in those who have never suffered with acne and have always had the most clear-looking, beautiful skin. If you suffer with post-pregnancy acne, you’re by no means, alone.

Acne following childbirth is perfectly normal and is triggered by the hormonal changes that the body goes through during pregnancy, as with teenagers going through puberty. During pregnancy, you might find that your skin quality becomes more-oily and pimple prone. It might clear up after giving birth, then again, it may not. Remember, what your friend or sister went through during her pregnancy or childbirth may be entirely different to your own experiences.

Whether your newly appearing acne lasts for only a short time or is a more permanent addition to your post-pregnancy side-effects, the good news is that here at Dr. MediSpa, we have a range of effective, non-surgical treatments to combat acne and to calm and revitalise the skin.

Skin treatments after pregnancy

It’s important to consult Dr Somji prior to any treatment here at the clinic, to ascertain your suitability, as some treatments may not be possible if you are breast feeding or indeed, pregnant again. A no obligation consultation will be conducted before a procedure is undertaken.

  • Laser photo-facial skin rejuvenation – using selected wavelengths of light energy, laser skin rejuvenation improves skin tone and texture for acne and acne scarring, with minimal downtime.
  • LED light therapy – this treats the causes and symptoms of acne including inflammation, irritation and bacteria, either as part of a four-stage process or as a booster to any other skin treatment, with no downtime and no discomfort.
  • Medical microdermabrasion – a deep-penetrating, resurfacing procedure to clean blocked or congested pores. The treatment offers very little downtime and can be tailored to your individual skin condition and concerns.
  • Medical Microneedling – this is available as a stand-alone treatment or part of a four-stage process to help reduce open pores and acne scarring, using Dermafrac (with minimal downtime) or Dermaroller (slightly longer downtime) to slough away dead skin cells, dirt, debris and excess oils as well as improve cell turnover.
  • Skin peels or resurfacers – using specially selected, naturally derived sugar and fruit acids, skin peels and resurfacers improve skin texture and redefine pores. They are available in different strengths and offer varying downtimes to suit your preference.

Acne can be tamed and calmed with our range of in-clinic treatments here at Dr. MediSpa and in many cases, permanently; so that you can enjoy life with your new baby and feel confident to face the world without the affliction of spots and pimples.

For more information on acne after pregnancy, contact our team of skin experts and book a no obligation consultation with Dr. Somji here at Dr. MediSpa.

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