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Earlobe repair – Quick and simple surgery in London

One part of the body that we don’t usually take much notice of is that of the earlobes However, if you are someone who has worn heavy earrings or earlobe discs as a fashion, you may now be experiencing elongated or even torn earlobes. Stretched earlobes occur when heavy earrings pull the skin downwards and leave them permanently elongated.

Earlobe discs involve the gradual stretching of the pierced part of the ears and wearers need to replace them, periodically with larger and larger hoops. Again, this means that the skin is permanently stretched and a large hole forms within the earlobe. When your tastes change and you decide that you no longer wish to wear ear discs or heavy earrings or if you have experienced trauma or damage to your earlobes, you may want to correct them. This is where Dr. Somji can step in, here at Dr. MediSpa our London and Essex clinics.

Dr. Somji has a background in cosmetic surgery and is one of the UK’s most respected aesthetic practitioners. Correcting elongated, torn or misshapen earlobes is something that he can treat with a simple surgical procedure.

How do you repair an earlobe?

Ear lobe correction is performed at either our London or Essex clinics and will be fully-awake during the treatment. You will have a local anaesthetic so will feel nothing. Using specific angled incisions, Dr. Somji will fashion an aesthetically pleasing earlobe by carefully dissecting and stitching the area. This specialised technique ensures that you won’t be left with a dog-ear deformity and your results will look natural and attractive.

The treatment takes around 30 minutes per deficit in the earlobe and after the procedure, you’ll be able to return to your normal daily activities. Your stitches will be removed 10 days after your surgery, at the clinic.

Earlobe repair in London and Essex with Dr Somji

For many of us, the earlobes are an ignored part of the body and cause us no concern, but for those who are conscious about elongated, damaged or torn earlobes, this quick, effective treatment can restore confidence and create a natural and pleasing result.

For more information on earlobe repair or to book a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Somji, contact us on 0208 418 0362 or take a look at our Instagram highlights to see more about earlobe correction.

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