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Dr Somji on figuring out your skin type

Here’s how to figure out your skin type (and it’s not as simple as you might think)

We don’t want to scare you but finding out your skin type is the first step to knowing how to take care of it, so you want to get it right, RIGHT? Getting it wrong could mean increased irritation and breakouts, which no one has time for.

We just wish that working out what the heck it is was a bit simpler. Some days we are convinced we are one type but by the next, we’re just not sure. Anyone else find themselves with this predicament? We thought as much, which is exactly why we recruited the help of Dr Munir Somji, professional dermatologist and expert in all things skin, to help us understand once and for all how to figure out your skin type.

Dr Somji told us how the biggest misconception is that we all only have one skin type, which would explain our occasional mystification. He says that skin type is determined by a number of factors – environmental, hormonal and lifestyle. So while you could have dry skin for the majority of the month, around your period you may experience oily days and have to adapt your skincare regime accordingly.

“The starting point to determining skin type is working out your sebaceous gland activity and these can vary around the face and at different times of the month. So your skin type can change throughout your cycle. This means you could consider changing your skincare routine to align with your period,” he told us.

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