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Do you have trouble shopping for that little black number? Are you constantly covering up your upper arms and do you get embarrassed showing them off? Loose skin and excess fat around this area is commonly known as ‘bingo wings’, and they can make choosing clothes difficult. At Dr. MediSpa in London’s Harley Street and Loughton in Essex, we understand that if you are suffering with bingo wings, it can prove upsetting and awkward. We have tried and tested a range of in-clinic treatments to find the most effective for the reduction of bingo wings and choose radiofrequency by Accent, to tighten and tone the upper arm area.

What is Accent Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency (RF) is a popular treatment which has been around for many years. We use Accent Prime radiofrequency skin tightening as one of the most advanced devices on the market today.

It works by using a special device to emit RF deep in to the dermis and beyond, creating heat within the skin. This targeted heat reduces areas of fat and tightens the skin’s fibres as well as creating more collagen, which is responsible for youthful and toned skin. Dermal heating is a superb alternative to invasive surgery.

There is no anaesthetic, no cutting of the skin or scarring and no overnight hospital stay. After your RF treatment, you can return to your daily activities as if nothing had happened with no downtime or side-effects.

Accent RF can also be used after treatments such as liposuction as it can assist with the reduction of swelling and aid the smoothing out of the skin for optimum post-operative results.

What you can expect from your treatment

RF treatment for bingo wings lasts around 20 minutes and you’ll be fully awake and alert throughout the session. There is no pain during this treatment and many people comment that it is quite relaxing, like having a hot stone massage. What’s not to love?

A course of treatment with RF for bingo wings is recommended for the best possible results. We recommend a course of 6 to 8 treatments, two weeks apart for an effective, long lasting treatment. We also recommend top up treatments every 1.5 to 2 years. Don’t worry about this now – it’s all discussed with you at a consultation, where we’ll put together a personalised treatment plan for you.

Bingo wings treatment London and Essex

We’re delighted to offer a real solution to bingo wings with radiofrequency skin tightening in our London and Essex clinics.

Although RF can reduce areas of unwanted fat and loose skin, we don’t advocate relying on this treatment alone. Your commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle along with RF for bingo wings will ensure optimum long-term results. With a course of RF, your bingo wings could be a thing of the past and along by following your aftercare advice from Dr. Somji, you could be left with slim, svelte and toned arms you’ll be proud to show off in that LBD!

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