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Dermal filler treatments are extremely popular and highly-effective for the treatment of lines, wrinkles, lost volume in the face and imperfections such as an uneven or misshaped nose. However, there are currently no regulations surrounding the administering of dermal fillers by medically trained personnel. Unqualified and inexperienced practitioners such as beauty therapists and even hair dressers have been known to cause serious harm when treating with dermal fillers, often causing infection, poor results such as overfilling the treatment area and even necrosis (where the skin is starved of a blood supply and turns black).  At Dr. MediSpa, we aim to educate and inform you as much as possible so that you can make the right decisions about where to have dermal fillers and the type of practitioners you should consider.

Check your injector

The first piece of advice we will always offer is to choose a medically qualified clinician to administer injectable dermal fillers. No beauty therapist is going to have the necessary training or skills to administer what is known in the aesthetic industry as a ‘medical device’. Relevant medical certificates should be clearly displayed in the clinic and you should be able to read online about your chosen doctor. If you have any doubts about the historical background of your practitioner, don’t have the treatment.

A qualified and experienced medic will know what to do in the unlikely event of reaction or error in placement; it is not worth risking your health for the sake of a cheap lip job from someone with no medical background.

Cheap fillers aren’t good, good fillers aren’t cheap

We also advise that cheapest isn’t always best. Choosing a practitioner to inject substances in to your face should never be about the price. Why would you scrimp on your health? Choosing someone who has no medical qualifications but is offering a ‘cheap deal’ for injectable dermal fillers is a huge risk.

If you are unable to pay for a medical expert in a clinical environment using safe and regulated products, wait until you can. For the sake of a few hundred pounds, it’s worth waiting for a safe service with pleasing results rather than risking your looks and your and health.

Cheap can also lead to spending more in the long run! Dr. Somji sees many people who have gone for the cheaper option, only to have to pay more down the line to have the mistakes of others, fixed.

Consultation, not sales pitch

Every qualified medical practitioner who administers dermal fillers should insist on a pre-treatment consultation before any treatment is carried out. This is necessary to check your medical history as well as your suitability for treatment. The doctor will also advise you on the treatment itself as well as any necessary post-procedure aftercare. No medical aesthetic professional will pressure you in to having a treatment there and then and will offer you a cooling off period to think about your options.

Do they produce results you want?

Make sure that you see before and after pictures of the clinician’s work. Any reputable doctor will have a vast and varied library of before and after photographs as this is something that is done as standard for patient records. Ask to see photo examples of your specific treatment so that you can see the type of results that are achieved at the clinic and have peace of mind that you aren’t the first person to have this treatment!

What product am I getting?

Ask which products are to be used for your treatment in your consultation. Only approved, tested and proven dermal fillers should be used. Make sure that during your treatment you see the unopened packaging prior to injection so that you know they are sterile and have not been used for another patient, beforehand. Fake product is rife on the black market, you can even find it on eBay these days! Your fillers should only come from a pharmaceutical provider, to ensure your safety.

With such a range of fillers available to treat different areas, ask your clinician about which filler they’re using, too. For example, a soft filler used in the lips isn’t neccessarily suitable for application in the nose. One size doesn’t fit all!

The right location

No practitioner should ever offer to perform dermal filler treatments in your or their home or at an arranged ‘party’ where alcohol is being consumed. It is vital that your environment should be clean, clinical and appropriately equipped with the necessary pre, post and after-care tools as well as emergency kits, should any unforeseen reactions occur. Only a medical professional will carry these kits and will be trained on how to use them.

Your aftercare

Finally, it’s important to make sure that you follow all the necessary aftercare instructions to ensure that you are taking care of yourself after treatment and that your results are the best they can possibly be. Your doctor can advise you but ultimately you are responsible for your recovery when you walk out of the clinic. Booking a follow up appointment around 2 weeks prior to treatment is also advised.

Dermal fillers in London and Essex

Dr. Munir Somji is a highly-respected, fully-qualified medical doctor and is highly-experienced in performing a range of dermal filler treatments, from lip and jawline fillers to more complex tear trough treatment and non-surgical rhinoplasty. He is passionate about offering a safe service which adheres to all CQC regulations. His clinical and support team are on-hand to take you through your journey with us at Dr. MediSpa and are fully conversant with all medical regulations set out by the GMC.

Don’t compromise on safety when it comes to dermal fillers. Obtain superb results, safely, by doing your research.

If you are interested in getting dermal fillers in London or Essex, performed by our medical director Dr. Somji, call us on 0208 418 0362 to arrange your no-obligation consultation.

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