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Baby Botox has become increasingly popular in recent years and can be just the right step for those who are new to wrinkle-smoothing injections or for those who don’t want to risk looking ‘over-done’.

TV personalities and actors may find baby Botox beneficial as it prevents the contraction of key facial muscles without affecting a range of expression. Baby Botox wears off quicker than traditional wrinkle-smoothing injections, which means that actors can have these treatments between filming.

At Dr. MediSpa, we offer baby Botox in London and Essex, as a stepping stone to more tradition wrinkle-smoothing injection techniques. You can ease yourself in to injectable cosmetic treatments without fear or being nervous.

As with any cosmetic treatment, no two patients are the same and here at Dr. MediSpa we ask that you attend a no-obligation consultation so that Dr. Somji can assess your individual concerns and medical history. If he feels that baby Botox may be a more suitable first treatment for you, he will suggest this treatment.

Baby Botox London: what is it?

With both baby Botox and traditional wrinkle-smoothing injections, a light touch is key to a natural look as we never wish to see an ‘over-done’ or ‘frozen’ look. Our aim here at Dr. MediSpa is for you to look more youthful and fresh and for friends and family to notice how fabulous you look without being able to pinpoint exactly what work you have had done. Dr. Somji will start with smaller amounts and then invite you for a top up treatment should you need one, two weeks after your initial treatment.

In the hands of an experienced medical professional such as Dr. Somji, Botox injections will be used in different quantities and at different depths. Some muscles may only need tiny quantities of Botulinum Toxin Type A (hence, baby Botox) and others may need more. This flexible approach will guarantee that you receive the most beautiful and natural results.

Baby Botox may be the perfect way to try wrinkle-smoothing injections in a milder form, so that you can get used to the way this treatment looks and feels, without being nervous or having a more lasting treatment, first time.

If you’re looking for some of the best baby Botox London has to offer, then look no further than the Dr. MediSpa clinics.

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