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There are many reasons we could develop a double chin. The natural onset of ageing, weight loss or gain, or becoming more sedentary. At Dr MediSpa, we understand that many people don’t wish to undergo invasive surgery to improve the appearance of a double chin and look to less invasive techniques. Therefore, we offer Accent Prime, a device-led treatment which can be hugely effective in reducing a double chin.

This industry-leading treatment allows us to safely remove fat from the face, allowing us to sculpt your face neck and chin, giving you a permanent contour! It’s popular with our celebrity clients including Nicola Hughes from Made in Chelsea, who’s been spotted on our Instagram enjoying her regular treatment!

How does Accent Prime work?

Accent Prime uses controlled ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) energy and a new type of combined ultrasound technology. Radiofrequency gently heats selected layers of the skin, which results in immediate tightening as well as new collagen formation, fat cell breakdown and skin remodelling. The beauty of radiofrequency skin heating is that it doesn’t damage surrounding tissues and offers no downtime, unlike invasive surgery.

The combined ultrasound uses ripple-like wave pulses which are dispersed throughout the treatment area. This technology also damages the fatty cell membranes so that their contents are released in to the blood stream and then naturally dispersed by the lymphatic system. This process is also known as selective lypolysis, and can result in a reduction of the fatty tissue under the chin.

Accent Prime is the only FDA-approved medical device using ultrasound technology to treat the face and body. No other device can perform fat removal for the lower face; we have selected the best here at Dr. MediSpa.

Your Accent Prime Treatment

During the treatment, the Accent wand is applied to the treatment area and circulated, delivering heat energy in to the skin, causing it to tighten and encourage long-term skin improvement due to the increased collagen production over time. The treatment lasts around 20 minutes and requires no anaesthetic – it’s completely painless. Afterwards, you can return to your normal daily activities immediately with no one knowing you have had a treatment.

Results can be seen after one treatment, but we recommend a course of treatments spaced every 2-3 weeks.  All of this will be discussed in a no obligation pre-treatment consultation with your skin expert. The results with Accent are permanent, however, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and skincare regime to maintain the results.

For more information on Accent Prime to treat a double chin, contact our fantastic team today on 0208 418 0362

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