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If you watch TV or read magazines, you’ll know that lip fillers are hugely popular amongst celebrities, music, film and TV stars and anyone who is having these treatments seem to be making the news, from the Kardashians to TOWIE celebrities. At Dr. MediSpa, we offer dermal fillers for the lip area with superb results. We use clinically proven and approved products and advise on the best possible look for your face. However, trends have changed over the years and are set to change again, so let’s take a look at the 2018 predicted trends for lip fillers:

Trend One – Making sure you’re in the right hands!

It’s important to choose a medical professional to administer your dermal fillers. Where Botox parties and cheap treatments may have been a considered choice a couple of years ago, now it’s more understood that it’s just not a consideration you should be taking.

You need to be sure that anyone who is injecting a substance in to your face is both skilled to administer the treatment and achieve a super result, but is also medically trained to deal and cope with any unforeseen eventuality. In recent years it’s become more widely known that medical professionals are the ONLY choice when it comes to injectable treatments.

Trend Two – Take a natural approach!

In 2017 number of celebs and those in the public eye were going crazy with over-sized and out of proportion lips and a lot of this was down to unscrupulous professionals forgetting what an injectable substance is for. Ultimately, it’s to create a balance in the face and to improve your overall facial appearance rather than make your lips look like a lilo!

Dr. Munir Somji will never over-fill and will always produce a naturally beautiful appearance. 2018 is seeing a change in attitudes when it comes to the ‘trout pout’ and hopefully we will be seeing less and less of this as the years go on.

Trend Three – The Holistic approach

Injectable substances are becoming more and more sophisticated and so are injection techniques. You’ll start to see more in the way of ‘signature’ treatments, where your individual facial contours are assessed and a bespoke treatment is tailor-made for you. This may include the use of multiple substances for various indications as well as using different tools such as cannulas rather than needles for certain treatments.

At Dr. MediSpa we take this approach as standard, so you receive the very best in aesthetic technique and talent, for the most beautiful results possible.

Trend Four – Politely saying “no”

Some patients may not be suitable for dermal fillers. This could be down to age, a pre-existing medical condition or if the patient has had too much previous work. Dr. Somji will never treat for the sake of treating. This is why it’s vital to have a no obligation consultation to make absolutely sure that you are both suitable for treatment and know what to expect by means of the treatment itself and the end result. If you are not suitable for dermal fillers, there are several alternative treatments to enhance your looks and improve your skin and it’s important to trust the Doctor’s decision and advice on suitable alternatives if this arises.

At Dr. MediSpa, we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of care, patient safety and expertise so that you’ll be delighted with your results. With dermal fillers for the lips, it’s important to follow expert advice so that you achieve natural, beautiful looking results and that you are in safe hands always.

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