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Hair loss can be extremely upsetting and worrying. It can occur because of a genetic disposition, extreme stress such as a trauma or surgical procedure, medication, hormonal changes and physical damage such as tight braiding, the use of chemical hair dyes and hot straightening or curling irons. Dr. MediSpa’s Dr. Munir Somji is also the head of YourHairDoc, and he is one of the UK’s leading hair transplant surgery experts.

Whatever the reasons or causes, we understand that hair loss in both men and women can cause emotional trauma. For men, loss of hair can cause embarrassment and tends to occur in very visible areas such as the hairline and crown of the head. It can start in teenage years and progressively worsen over time, giving the appearance of premature ageing. For women, it can be incredibly stressful and is not as socially acceptable as male hair loss. For women, it can occur more sporadically and further back on the scalp, past the hair line. As traditionally it is seen that a feminine and sexy woman will have long, lustrous locks, when hair starts to thin and fall out, it can cause feelings of self-consciousness and a loss of femininity.

Industry-Leading Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Munir Somji is one of the UKs leading hair transplant surgeons and having experienced hair loss himself, since the age of 19, he understands the emotional turmoil that hair thinning and hair loss can cause in both men and women. He is passionate about offering the most recent and up-to-date hair restoration procedures and treatments both surgically and non-surgically to give hope and restored confidence to his patients and has successfully treated thousands of cases.

YourHairDoc specialises in the correct diagnosis and treatment of many types of hair loss and restoring a healthy-looking head of hair by means of medication, device-led treatments or surgical hair transplantation. Our expert team are on hand to guide you through your patient journey with us comfortably and work collectively to support Dr. Somji in his ultimate quest to bring you results that can be life changing.

Hair transplant surgery is not the only option for hair loss. Whilst FUT and FUE follicle transplants require surgery and recovery time, laser treatments and medication are also solutions which may be appropriate. You can discuss this with Dr. Somji at your hair loss consultation in Essex.

We don’t just treat the condition. We offer our support and expert care and advice so that you can be confident you’re making the right decision for treatment and that you’ll be in the safest possible hands.

Hair Transplant Surgery with YourHairDoc

We believe that life is too short to suffer with hair loss when there are so many options to treat and improve your appearance and with the expertise of Dr. Somji and the revolutionary treatments that are available today, you needn’t put up with hair loss anymore.

If you are worried about hair loss, speak with us to arrange a no obligation consultation at Dr. MediSpa so that you can find out the options available to treat your individual concern.

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