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Glowing Skin with Dr. MediSpa’s Signature Facials

We all want a youthful and glowing complexion but if you, like many of us, suffer with a range of skin concerns such as dry, dehydrated, ageing, acne-prone or uneven skin, it may take more than cleanser, toner and moisturiser to achieve skin perfection. At Dr. MediSpa, Dr. Munir Somji has developed a range of Signature Facials, designed to be tailor-made to your individual skin concern. Dr. Somji’s signature facial consists of 3 main steps, to help you achieve radiant, glowing skin.

Step 1 – Bespoke Skin Analysis

Dr. Somji takes a whole-person approach to each patient he sees for a Signature Facial; a person’s skin is as individual as themselves, and so their facial should be too. During your skin analysis, we carefully analyse different indicatiors of skin condition, allowing us to construct a plan to achieve glowing skin. We also want to determine your expectations for both downtime and results.

Step 2 – Base Treatment

You can choose from a selection of base steps, depending on the amount of downtime they are happy to tolerate. We can also reccomend a combination of base treatments if your indication allows. These treatments consist of:

  1. Skin peel base – if 1 to 2 days’ downtime can be tolerated, a specially selected cocktail of acids is used on specific areas of the face in need of treatment. Acids can be chosen individually to treat redness, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, oily and acne prone skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles.
  1. Aquafacial base –perfect for those who cannot tolerate too much downtime and a great solution for acne prone and congested skins. The aquafacial is unique in that it is the only treatment that conducts a deep cleanse of the pores through a choice of various chemical peels, tailor-made to the specific needs of the skin. Utilising a device with a special vacuum tip, the aquafacial deeply cleanses and extracts impurities. It is a far gentler treatment that that of traditional dermabrasion and extraction processes.
  1. Dermaplaning – A superbly innovative and effective deep exfoliation treatment which utilises a surgical scalpel to scrape away dead skin, debris, dirt and stale fake tan as well as fine hairs. It leaves the skin glassy smooth and allows the skin to be more responsive to other treatments such as skin peels and further extractions. A growth factor cooling mask is a great way to complete this treatment, to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Step 3 – Add-Ons for Glowing Skin

Add-on treatments can be chosen to compliment your base treatment. They come in the following preparations:

  1. Skin peel add-on – if you don’t mind a couple of days’ downtime, a dermatological skin peel will rejuvenate the skin and re-programme the way it works.
  2. Aquafacial add on – perfect as an add on to a skin peel for oily and acne prone skin as it completely removes acne bacteria.
  3. Dermaplaning add-on – as Dermaplaning removes surface dead skin cells, debris and dirt, it is great to pair with a skin peel to encourage deeper penetration of active ingredients or to pair with an aqua facial for an ultimate skin cleanse.
  4. Specific mask treatment – using an aloe vera ice mask to soothe or a growth factor mask to boost collagen, your mask will be tailor-made to aid recovery and enhance your natural glow.
  5. LED mask – a superb way to finish your treatment. LED masks use low-level light therapy in 5 different wavelengths to address common skin concerns such as:

Whatever your skin concern, at Dr. MediSpa we make it our mission to offer you a bespoke, specialist facial which will bring you the excellent results and glowing skin we know you will adore. For more information about our Signature Facials or to book in now, please contact us on 0208 418 0362.

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